6 Ways to Monitor Companies You Own Stock In

Keeping an eye on current events related to companies you own stock in can be beneficial for developing strategies concerning your portfolio. While many investors put their faith in brokers and firms, a large number of people trade stocks online in the privacy of their own home. If you are one of those individuals, there are many ways you can keep your thumb on the pulse of companies you invest in. This can help you decide when to buy or sell stocks depending on real-time information.
Netvibes is a browser-based aggregation …

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6 Benefits of Chat Representation On Your Website

Adding a live chat service to your website has the potential to vastly improve sales and communications with customers. It gives the site a sense of being monitored as agents stand at the ready to answer questions. Instead of an ordinary eCommerce solution, things such as call center plus services can add interaction and personality to the platform.
Tech Support for Installation
Various chat software providers offer professional installation of the application onto your website. This means that it will work perfectly from the get-go without the fear of bugs and problematic …

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3 Financial Goals For 20 Year Olds

Making money is about time as much as effort. In fact, if you have a lot of both to spend, a lot of time will get you farther than a lot of effort. The problem is, people have been known to waste time. It’s not the fault of most of us. We’re born without knowledge. It takes time to figure out how the world works, much less develop a personal financial trajectory. Still, financial well-being tends to be a lot easier to achieve for people who start early. As bad …

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Loading Your Retirement Gun

Retirement is a scary thought. The closer you get to that time in your life when you are just too old to work, the scarier it gets. It can come to a point where you have panic attacks in the office when you think about what you want to do afterwards. If you are thinking about planning your retirement in such a way that you are always ready for it, there are a few tips you can look into. These will help you feel much better about the future, when …

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Youtube for Business

If you are promoting a product and want to demonstrate how it works or highlight its key features, a great way to do this would be by bringing that product to life through the use of a YouTube video.
Linking to a how to video can help to not just answer some FAQ’s and provide excellent customer support but it can also provide a good resource in which to paint a compelling visual reason why someone might want to buy your product.
To use YouTube video successfully in this way, your promotional …

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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Managing Rental Properties

Real estate can be a lucrative business, provided you take necessary measures to make sure you don’t lose money. Unfortunately, many people that start off strong wind up losing a great deal of the income because of improper procedures. Managing properties, whether you own an apartment building or a series of houses, requires more than simply accepting monthly payments from your tenants. There is a great deal of work that needs to go into the entire process if you want to remain successful.
Know the Law
Familiarize with the tenant laws in …

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Bankruptcy versus Debt Settlement

Most people believe that debt settlement and Chapter 13 bankruptcy are the same thing. However, people that have taken a closer look and have read the details know that they are two totally different things. These two are the best solutions for those that have incurred an extreme amount of debt and have no other option than to either seek debt settlement or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
Chapter 13 bankruptcy requires an individual to repay all debts on a repayment system created by the government and is enforced by federal law. Debt …

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Short Term Loan Facts

One of the most important factors that you should know about short term loans is that the loan can be for any amount of time such as from one week to six months. Remember to only use short term loans for emergencies such as medical emergencies, car repairs, etc. and not for anything frivolous such as a vacation, etc.
Short term or payday loans are perfect for adding to the household budget for a short period of time. The maximum amount most lenders provide is around $3,000. If you need more …

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Innovative Ways to Increase Business Sales

When it comes to doing business, sales are the most important activity that a company can engage in. Sales provide the backbone of a company, and are the main source of any revenue and profits that are earned. For the vast majority of businesses, making sales is crucial to survival, and without them there is no future for a business. Sales are the means by which revenue is provided in order to pay employees, buy equipment and stock, and make changes in order to grow and develop the business. However, …

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4 Reasons Colorado Should Celebrate Its Renewable Energy Court Victory

The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals recently upheld Colorado’s renewable portfolio standard. The court has decided that Colorado’s environmental laws governing the amount of energy that must be generated from renewable resources does not violate the Constitution’s interstate commerce clause. This is great news if you are a resident of Colorado. It guarantees future economic investments, stable energy markets, reduced pollution, and improved reliability of utilities and services for your state.
New Energy Investments to Spur Economic Growth
In the past, residents have been forced to purchase the energy they need from …

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Investing in Luxury Homes

To live in luxury it is important to invest wisely so that your luxury home investment increases over time. Finding an area that will weather financial storms and provide you the quality of life you are looking for is never easy but it is worth doing.
All too often slick marketing campaigns try to draw people to an area. They promise you a lot but fall short on delivery. Many companies that do this will ask you to commit to buy even before the foundation is laid for one home in …

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[30 Jul 2015 | Comments Off on Choosing a location for your new home | ]
Choosing a location for your new home

The community of Comox Valley sits close to the middle of the prestigious Vancouver Island on the eastern coast of Canada. Not too long ago, Comox Valley was pretty much a hidden secret where only a few called home. Once word was out about this beautiful area of Vancouver more and more families decided to call the area home. The main settlements found in Comox Valley include Fanny Bay, Merville, Black Creek, Union Bay, Cumberland, Royston, and Courtenay.
The area is growing fast allowing residents to connect easily with other areas …

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[29 Jul 2015 | Comments Off on Stepping Out of the Cubicle | ]
Stepping Out of the Cubicle

A co-working space for their employees involves sharing common areas by different departments, multi-functional spaces, less individual space, and more collective workspace. While it may not sound glamourous, 70 percent of companies with co-working employees reported an increase in productivity, connectivity, confidence, and ability to focus. Add to that, half reported more income with co-working.
The Co-working Industry
Among the thriving scene of the global co-working initiative, 40 percent exists in North America, an increase from one in 2005 to nearly 800 today. Co-working space is thriving, with a 117 percent membership …

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[28 Jul 2015 | Comments Off on Investing in the Uncertainty of the Financial Markets | ]
Investing in the Uncertainty of the Financial Markets

Are You Ready to Invest in the Financial Markets?
The world is currently experiencing a time of widespread economic uncertainty. With anaemic global growth rates, excessive government debt, and an aggressive policy of monetary expansion the scene is set for an interesting period of investment in the stock markets. It comes as no surprise that technology analysts and fund managers are more vocal in their opinion that a tech bubble is about to pop. This would leave a massive sector of the global economy vulnerable, with Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba, …