Why Is Choosing an Online Investment Site the Best Move You Can Make?

There’s a whole new way to invest your money on the web. If you are wondering why online investment sites are becoming so popular, perhaps it’s time you investigated the matter for yourself. You may quickly come across a series of Fundrise reviews that are uniformly positive in their appraisal of this particular website. While you may not yet be convinced just by reading these reviews, you may well be intrigued enough to further investigate the matter for yourself. When you do so, you will quickly be amazed at the …

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5 Mistakes That Could Potentially Add Thousands to Your Mortgage

They say that buying a house is the second greatest investment you will ever make – that is after your children’s education. Unfortunately, it is also one of the biggest debts you will incur in your life. Although this may sound intimidating, a house is still a worthy investment.
However, the house buying process requires caution and attention to detail. Make a mistake, and you will pay for it in high monthly payments or interest rates that change unexpectedly. With that in mind, here are five mistakes that could potentially add …

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The Number One Factor Influencing Mobile Purchasing Behavior

It has been quite some time since mobile phones became a necessity for us.
From helping us have a better social life and exchanging important information more efficiently, to checking out and managing online property sales and keeping us entertained for hours on end, mobile phones do it all. For something so small, it sure holds a lot of weight in our live. And mobile phone manufacturers and telecommunication services are well aware of this fact. Telecommunication services try to keep up with our obsession with mobile phones by revising their …

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The Top 4 Car Marketing Campaigns in Recent Years

When you think of car marketing campaigns, there likely are a few that come to the front of your mind right away. Most of them have something sophisticated, funny or exciting about them. After all, advertising is supposed to bring out your emotions and play on them to get you to consider purchasing whatever the product or service is, right?
The following 4 campaigns are especially interesting. Read on for the ads that are sure to “rev your engine” with motivation to buy (or just laugh) whenever you watch them, before …

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Choosing a Global Currency Transfer Provider: What to Look For

Currency transfer providers have gained considerable popularity over the years for the convenience, liquidity, and cost-effectiveness they provide. However, it is not necessary that every currency transfer provider suits your purpose or is right for you – to avoid the chances of being conned, look for the following considerations when picking the right service.
The Laws & the Regulations
First things first, you need to see whether the global currency transfer provider you choose is regulated by and adheres to the local laws that govern it. In Australia for example, the financial …

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How to Rent with Bad Credit, Liens or Bankruptcy

It seems that our credit scores follow us everywhere these days. From employment evaluations to small loan approval processes, our credit is poked and prodded at by most people deciding whether or not they wish to do business with us. This makes it so vital that people maintain a solid credit score and a financially solvent reputation.
Even when renting an apartment or home, your credit score may be checked. There are many landlords who refuse to rent to people whose credit scores are poor or fair at best, believing they …

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Kids Are The Future, Could They Be Your Career?

Do you love children? If that’s the case, you should be looking for a career where you’ll be working with them and around them on a regular basis. There are plenty of choose from here, and each career fits a certain skillset or academic achievement level. Let’s start by considering the possibility of teaching.
Teach The Next Generation
The good news is that being a teacher isn’t that difficult these days. You do need a college degree, but it can be in virtually any subject that you can think of. …

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Looking After Your Employees (And Why It’s So Important!)

To do well in business, it really is vital that you have the right people on your team. You might have the best business idea imaginable, but you can’t do it all yourself; your employees are the many cogs in the finely tuned machine of your business. Getting the right people (and keeping them) is vital to your company’s success. Here are a few ways you can go about it.
Offer Good Employee Benefits
Providing excellent employee benefits will make your company an attractive place to work, and allow you to …

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3 Things You should Do In Your 20s To Safeguard Your Financial Future

Your 20s are not just about exploring the world and having fun. They are a decade when you can lay down the foundations of a solid financial future for you and your family. If you make some wise financial decisions and investments in your 20s you will reap the rewards in later life.
Get on the property ladder as soon as you can
Purchasing your own home is a rite of passage and something that many young people aspire to. It has the obvious advantages over rented accommodation. You can keep …

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Shopping for Your First Home – Tips You Can Use

Once you make the big decision to start shopping for your first home, excitement kicks in as do nerves and stress. While it’s perfectly normal to go through a range of emotions during the experience, it’s also important to keep your head clear so that you make a decision that makes sense both from an emotional and financial standpoint.
Here are some tips you can follow that are meant to make the shopping experience for your first home as smooth and straightforward as possible.
Figure Out What You Can Afford
For those just …

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Are You An Entrepreneur? Here Are The Essentials To Cover Your Back!

For every new company, there is a feeling of heading into the unknown. Regardless of whether you’ve owned a business before, you’re brand new to the whole situation, or even if you’re just a freelance worker, there will always be a sense of flying by the seat of your pants when you’re getting set up. But for every single company, there are fundamentals that need to be in place and have to stay in place for it to thrive.
Your Business Plan
Before you’ve even put pen to paper and agreed to …

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What to Consider before Starting a Side Business

Not everyone can afford to pay their bills or live the life they want on a single job. While taking on another job could be the way for them to earn the money they want, they may be more inclined to start up their own business.
It’s certainly an appealing proposition to be your own boss and decide how much income you want to earn. However, there could be some things holding you back from making that happen. We are going to look at some of the legal ramifications of starting …

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Tips for Avoiding Debt

The average American owes $5,700 on a credit card. In isolation, this is not too bad, but when you tack on student loans, it soon becomes a frightening situation. The problem is that debt is growing. Interest rates are at an all-time low, and it has never been easier to borrow money.
The US economy is in recovery, and with a new president in the White House, many US citizens are feeling hopeful about the future. Unemployment has fallen in 10 states and remains stable in 36. Inflation is 2.2% right …

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Killing Me Softly With Your Words

The word is mightier than the sword. While this means that written words is more effective than violence – and can even sort out violent situations – there is a hidden meaning to the saying too. Indeed, communication is a mighty tool that enables people to get together, agree on important deals and negotiations, and record important facts. But at the same time, communication, if it isn’t treated with care and skills. There is a reason why communication is perceived as a soft skill in business: It can’t be taught. …

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Five Completely Avoidable Reasons Startups Fail

Startups are a lot of work, and that work almost always falls on the shoulders of one or two people with a dream. Even with a business plan, you might find yourself learning more about intellectual property rights or studying up on the day to day costs to run a business in your industry. When you’re in the trenches, it can be hard to see a path forward. Here are some mistakes lots of startups make that are completely avoidable.
They Fail at Bookkeeping
It’s easy to fail at bookkeeping if you’re …

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6 Tips for Excellent Video Marketing Results

Online content has been rapidly growing in popularity over the past few years. More people than ever before now turn to the internet to get their news, watch their favorite movies and TV shows, and get important information on how to do things in their daily personal or work lives. One of the main types of online content used today is video content; this has been quickly growing in demand over the past couple of years, not just on popular video-sharing sites such as YouTube, but also on social media, …

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Save Up For Your Dream House

If you think it’s that time in your life where you would like to buy your own house instead of renting one, there are many different ways you can speed up your saving in order to have what you need for a house deposit.
Here’s how you can do that.
Stop renting where you are
If you’re renting your own place now, then it isn’t going to leave you with a lot of spare money that you will need. If you think you could do without your space for the next year, consider …

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Yearn To Earn? 3 Reasons You Should Use The Internet To Find Work

Fifteen years ago, anyone who wanted to find a job would have had to check their local newspapers. Either that or they would visit their local job center if they were unemployed. However, things have changed in recent times thanks to the rise of digital technology. These days, it’s easy to find work online using the internet and a laptop. In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the main reasons you should use that method. We’re going to keep things as simple as possible in the hope of …

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[22 May 2017 | Comments Off on Professionals to Avail Tax Exemption on Half of their Annual Income | ]
Professionals to Avail Tax Exemption on Half of their Annual Income

Your income tax liability could devastate your dreams and you end up paying a huge share of your annual income as tax. The problem is no more there to put additional stress on your shoulders, in case you are a freelancer, consultant, or professional. Taxes are no longer to be calculated on your gross annual income.
If you are earning below 50 Lakh annually, then u/s 44ADA of the Income Tax Act, you need to pay income tax on half of your gross annual earning as per the Presumptive Taxation Scheme. …

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[20 May 2017 | Comments Off on When The Going Gets Tough, Entrepreneurs Get Tougher | ]
When The Going Gets Tough, Entrepreneurs Get Tougher

Every job comes with its very own problems and troubles, but there is no career path that is quite as tough as being an entrepreneur. Once you set up your own business, you are out there in the big bad business world all on your own. And if something goes wrong, no matter what it is, you have to be able to stand up to the task in hand and smooth it out. You can’t simply bury your head in the sand and hope that things get better without any …