5 Important Money Tips Every Freelance Contractor Needs to Know

More people are leaving full-time jobs and switching to freelance work. Here are 5 of the most important money tips every freelance contractor needs to know.
Thinking of going freelance? You’re not alone.
It’s estimated that nearly half of all Americans will become freelancers within the next ten years if current rates of freelance growth continue, and who can blame them?
There are all sorts of benefits to the freelance lifestyle, from independence to tax breaks. But which are the most beneficial from a financial point of view?
To help you, here’s a list …

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5 Legit Reasons Why You Should Buy Health Insurance When You are Young

There is an old adage that goes that “Health is wealth”. While this is true, there is another fact that healthcare is indeed expensive. When a health scare suddenly creeps up on us, we find that we end up spending a lot of money. But, we are also products of our fast-paced lives. We battle stressful work schedules; we pump our bodies with junk food and expose it to pollution. It is no wonder that people these days are battling more health issues than ever before. The prudent thing to …

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Advance Auto vs Autozone: Which Is the Better Auto Repair Stock?

Don’t sleep on auto repair stocks! Read more to see a comparison of Advance Auto vs Autozone and decide for yourself which one should make your investment list!
What are you doing to save for your future? Investing in stocks aren’t just for old guys in suits. These days, if you’ve got some extra income, you should look at investing in the stock market.
Where do you start though? One strategy is to invest in companies that you are familiar with and compliment your other interests. This will help you stay engaged …

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7 Most Profitable Small Businesses Worth Investing in Today

Are you thinking of investing your money into a small business to turn a profit? If so, here are the 7 most profitable businesses worth investing in today.
There are more than 30 million small businesses in the United States. That might lead you to believe that there isn’t enough room for more.
But if you’re looking to take some money you’ve saved up and turn it into a much bigger nest egg, starting a small business might be the best approach to take. If you open up the right kind of …

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How to Make Fast Internet Money in 2019

Are you sick of being broke? Get out of debt and start making some real internet money in 2019. Click here to learn more!
News flash: There are 4.2 billion people online right now.
If you’re tired of being broke and spend most of your time feeling sorry for yourself while browsing around the internet, guess what You could be spending that time making internet money!
Not sure where to start? Our team has you covered.
Below is a rapid-fire list of ways people just like you are getting rich every day. Our hope …

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Buying a House That Needs Work: What You Should Know Before You Buy

Before you decide that buying a house that needs work is the right move for you, check out this quick guide to making that kind of investment.
Are you in the market for your dream home? While buying a home that’s ready to live in may seem like the easiest option, there are a lot of benefits to buying a fixer-upper.
For one, they sell for far less than a home that’s move-in ready. And you can use all the money you’ll save to transform it into the perfect home for you …

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7 Things You Need To Know When Doing Financial Planning

You must gain control over your money or the lack of it will forever control you. – Dave Ramsey
You need a sound financial plan for a variety of reasons – to meet your retirement cost, save for your child’s education, secure your family in case something were to happen to you, to purchase home or vehicle in the near future, to meet unseen costs. In an ideal wise world, you should start doing financial planning the moment you receive your first pay-check. The sooner you start planning your finances, larger …

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5 Tips For Saving Money For Your Next Vacation

Do you have an epic vacation idea but aren’t exactly sure how you’re going to come up with the money? Perhaps a simple family trip that everyone’s been wanting to do but just can’t figure out how you’re going to fit it into budget?
Well, it’s a good thing you’re reading this because the following tips will show you how to save money for your next vacation in just 5 simple steps.
However, before you read on, remember that the most important thing is having the right mindset and cultivating a discipline …

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Cryptocurrency Trading Strategy 101: An Absolute Beginner’s Guide

Are you thinking about dabbling in cryptocurrency? Learn the basics with this absolute beginner’s guide to cryptocurrency trading strategy.
Cryptocurrency’s rise in 2017 and rapid correction in 2018 was a blessing in disguise. Cryptos boom/bust cycle removed nearly 1000 projects from the list. The wipe created a semblance of stability in classics like Bitcoin and Etherium.
The 2017/2018 crypto event was much akin to the dot-com bubble.
Today, crypto is back to its niche adoption favored by tech-savvy types. Volatility plays a lesser role in exploring a cryptocurrency trading strategy. It’s no longer …

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Marketing In Today’s Time

When using email lists for marketing purposes, it can be easy to lose track of your subscribers or forget to update their information. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make your email lists more effective, and it is also possible to make your traditional mail lists more effective, too.
The first thing you can do to enhance your email marketing is to invest in an individual to oversee this entire department. Though you can do this yourself, this is a job that must be done a few …

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Russell (Russ) Ruffino’s Business Growth Program – Is It a Scam?

Russell Ruffino is the founder and chief executive officer of an Inc. 500 company named Clients on Demand. His company is designed to help service providers, experts, and coaches attract the right clientele at the right price point. Clients on Demand workshops take place over 8 weeks and teach entrepreneurs how to successfully find and convert clients. Based out of Los Angeles California, Russell Ruffino’s company leverages the power of business/client relationships by providing personalized service, and effective leadership to successfully manage all aspects of the lead/conversion process and driving …

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What is SIP and its Benefits?

One cannot deny the fact that investment in mutual fund schemes helps to beat inflation and also helps to grow the wealth manifold. But there are also risks when it comes to mutual fund investments.
Mutual funds invest in the market if you do not time your investment well then you will end up losing all the money in the market. The market is volatile and a wrong investment can wash away all your capital. This is where the systematic investment plan SIP comes into play.
SIP Helps You to Archive Your …

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When Declaring Bankruptcy Makes And Doesn’t Make Sense

When you hear stories about people going bankrupt in the news, a lot of time there’s the instant connotation of failure, and that bankruptcy is something that happens to people versus a measured move. While yes, many people who declare bankruptcy wish that they were able to do something else, this is an important procedure that helps many people with financial hardship get out of difficult scenarios, even if there comes a price with it. So, in reality, there are situations where declaring bankruptcy is actually the ideal choice to make.
Let’s quickly …

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Thinking of Buying That Near-Perfect Home

When shopping around for a home, there are some very important things that you need to watch out for before you seal the deal. Some issues are not that big of a deal, while others could end up costing you thousands and thousands of dollars. You want to pay attention to everything when you are considering a home for purchase.
Problems will always arise no matter what you do; that’s just life. When buying a home, you can expect to have to replace or repair at least one or two things. …

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[16 Oct 2018 | Comments Off on Top 10 Online Title Loan Lenders | ]
Top 10 Online Title Loan Lenders

On the internet today, there are so many loan companies to work with that will help you get the fast cash you need when you’re in desperate need of cash.  To identify these companies, you would have to spend many hours researching hundreds of online and title loan lenders, along with online referral networks to ensure you have a wealth of options to select from.
You would also need to analyze customer and industry reviews to know the overall trustworthiness of the various loan lenders. In this article, we will help …

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[9 Oct 2018 | Comments Off on How Telemedicine Is Changing Medicine | ]
How Telemedicine Is Changing Medicine

For centuries, when a person wanted to see a doctor, they had to make an appointment to see the doctor in the office. Years ago, doctors made house calls; however, in order to be treated, you had to see the doctor in person. Today, thanks to technology and telemedicine, trips to the doctor’s office and face-to-face appointments aren’t always necessary.
What Is Telemedicine?
Telemedicine is an effortless and convenient way to get treatment from a healthcare professional. Using telecommunications technology, a doctor can evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients from a distance. This technology …

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[4 Oct 2018 | Comments Off on How 3 Famous Automotive Brands Avoided Catastrophe | ]
How 3 Famous Automotive Brands Avoided Catastrophe

The automotive industry a ruthless space where multinational conglomerates fight tooth and nail for razor-thin profit margins. If a brand starts slipping behind in the sales charts or it feels the power of its badge waning, it’s nigh impossible to avert the collapse and return to a position of strength.
But a handful of automotive brands have done just that. They’ve stared collapse in the eyes and narrowly avoided certain failure.
In this article, I’m going to look at three famous car brands that teetered on the edge of collapse but (somehow) …

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[23 Sep 2018 | Comments Off on 4 Mistakes Not to Make about Retirement | ]
4 Mistakes Not to Make about Retirement

In the heyday of working life, it’s something that most of us don’t give a second thought to. Even though it’s seemingly mentioned every day on the news, most of us think that retirement will never really happen to us. Unfortunately, it does. Not only that, but it can be a pretty scary time.
As today’s title might have suggested, our aim is to go over four of the biggest mistakes that are often associated with retirement. In other words, if you can avoid these, you will be well on your …

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[21 Sep 2018 | Comments Off on Most Asked Questions About USCIS Translation | ]
Most Asked Questions About USCIS Translation

Why does USCIS need a certified translation?
According to the Code of Federal Regulations, each document written in a foreign language submitted to USCIS shall be accompanied by a full English language translation which the translator has certified as absolute, accurate and true, and by the translator’s certification that he or she is able to translate the document into English.
If you have added any foreign language documents with your application, you must also submit certified translation for USCIS.
Are the translations that you send by e-mail trusted by USCIS?
USCIS does not need …

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[12 Sep 2018 | Comments Off on How New Technology Can Improve Your Small Business | ]
How New Technology Can Improve Your Small Business

Smart small business owners know the importance of making the most of the resources that you have. And, make no mistake, running your own small business can be tough. Some experts in the field estimate that up to half of all small businesses will no longer be in operation after just one year, and within five years up to nine out of every ten businesses will no longer exist. However, you don’t have to let your small business be just another statistic. One of the most important things that you …