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Buy One TV For The Rest Of Your Life

7 May 2008 One Comment

This is a website that frequently references the idea of positioning yourself for financial success. A big aspect of positioning yourself is eliminating debt and a strong savings plan. I can’t stand when the financial “experts” out there tell you to cut all things out of your life to save the maximum amount of money possible. What’s the point of that?

I believe you should buy the things you enjoy and find other areas to cut back in. Well, I’m a guy… more specifically, a guy who likes sports and movies. So what do I like? I like huge, flat screen TVs. I recently found a way to buy a killer flat screen television while at the same time, locking in any future television at the same price. Since technology products, especially TVs, consistently drop in price, I’m looking at continual television upgrades at no cost. Too good to be true? Why not read on?

Who on earth would provide such a deal? Well, none other than your local Sam’s Club. Sam’s has a 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy which also applies to their televisions. This means you can return it for any reason at anytime as long as you have the receipt.

Skeptical, I quizzed several store managers and one even provided me with some great advice. He told me to digitally scan my receipt so it lasts forever since they tend to fade. After being assured over and over, I pulled the trigger and came home with my brand new Philips 47″ LCD.

If you’re looking for a new television, go see for yourself. Then, in a few years, instead of spending thousands on a new TV, take your TV back to Sam’s, bring home a new and better one and stash a couple thousand bucks into your Roth IRA. Just be sure to stop back by 20s Money and let us know how beautiful it is to watch your favorite team in HD on your new TV.

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