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Stocks for May 9, 2008: VE, PM, GE, AAPL, CHK, LNN, USO, BA, GOOG, WFC, MSFT

9 May 2008 2 Comments

Here are my opinions on some stocks that I’m buying, looking to buy, keeping an eye on, and selling. Remember, this is just a starting point for your own research in making any investment decisions. I hope to come back to this list in the future and see how I did.

For the new investor, use this list as a starting point to get familiar with a handful of stocks. This is a pretty diversified list with different size companies in various industries.

Building Positions

  • VE – Great dividend; decent buying opportunity; top water company
  • PM – My favorite stock; great growth ahead combined with dividends and buybacks. Buy PM!
  • GE – Great company that is on sale. You aren’t going to double your money here but could get some nice upside coupled with a nice dividend.

Looking for Buying Opportunities

  • AAPL – Long term growth potential is still incredible. Buying on pullbacks.
  • CHK – I love natural gas. Buying on pullbacks.
  • LNN – Interesting play on agriculture and water. Looking for a pullback to possibly enter a position.
  • USO – Over the long term, oil is going higher. Hoping for a correction 2nd half of the year.

Watch List

  • BA – Boeing is a great company with a great future despite the delays with its new plane.
  • GOOG – Google is driving change in many different arenas. It’s tough to go wrong here.
  • WFC – Wells Fargo is my financial pick. It’s also one of Warren Buffett’s pick.


  • MSFT – If they make a $20 billion offer for Facebook, I’m gonna throw up. Read my opinion on Facebook. It seems like they are trying to buy some growth from somewhere, anywhere. The Yahoo deal didn’t materialize, and now the rumors are for Facebook.

What stocks are you looking to buy or looking to sell? Share your opinion here by adding your comment.


  • James said:

    The problem I have with GE is that they are a bank masked as an industrial…

  • Chris said:

    Are you concerned about the strong euro hurting VE bottom line? It is the strongest negative I see about it.