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Week Recap: Thoughts On Oil, Apple, and More

16 May 2008 One Comment

Well it has been a busy week and an exciting week. While the overall market continues to trade in its range just under the 13,000 mark, oil continued its march higher. It seems that most investors have gotten used to the headlines on Yahoo! Finance and other web sites saying “Oil Sets Record.” It almost has the feel of an annoyance rather than a shock. Am I alone in this feeling?

The Slow Creep Upwards

The slow but continuous creep higher of oil prices is probably more dangerous to the consumer than if prices jumped from $75 a barrel to $150 over night. If prices doubled overnight, the news would probably have an actual effect on our lifestyles. However, with the slow creep higher, it seems like nothing changes. Sure, there might be a little less money in everybody’s pocket because we’re spending more on gas, but on the whole, is anybody really changing their consumption?

As this slow march higher continues, what is the level it must hit for people to seriously reconsider their lifestyle? What price does gasoline have to hit for someone to relocate closer to work or find a new job closer to home? This is a rather interesting concept to me. I’d love to hear others’ thoughts on it.

Apple’s International Rollout

There was several news releases regarding Apple (AAPL) signing new deals with international carriers to sell the iPhone in new markets. Some estimates have the total iPhone market at over 600 million customers.

Let’s see, we have almost the undisputed coolest and best phone plus 600 million potential customers. Do we really think Apple is not going to hit their 10 million mark in iPhone sales for 2008?

Maybe the next contest, we will hold is to predict the total number of iPhone sales in 2008! Check out the current Apple contest to win an iPod Shuffle.

Did I mention that I love Apple and its stock?

China Travel

One stock that I have been keeping my eye on is Ctrip.com (CTRP).  Earlier this week, they came out with some weak guidance, and the stock took a nice hit.  The stock is still fairly expensive but definitely a better buying opportunity than before.  I have yet to take a position in this stock, but I will continue to watch it as the Chinese travel industry could be a potential long term play as their middle class continues to grow.

The Weekend Plans

I am looking forward to a nice weekend of relaxing and a little house hunting!  The plan is to do some serious low-balling as one community I am going to look at has over 100 homes on the market!  I need to get some rest tonight so I can play hard ball tomorrow.  If you have any advice for me as I try to squeeze some sellers, please leave me some comments below.

I look forward to writing some future pieces on my real estate hunt as well as my real estate strategy.  Coming soon is an article about my four-pronged attack towards financial prosperity and how real estate fits in to it.

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  • Chris said:

    I think it is obvious that we are unwilling to do the difficult things to decrease fuel demands. When prices get high, we ask for windfall taxes, and protest, instead of trying to use less. I don’t think we weill ever significantly reduce demand until we find an alternative that would be cheaper than gasoline. If prices continue to climb though, this day will come sooner.