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Will Apple Release an LCD TV?

20 May 2008 No Comment

One of the most interesting products in Apple’s (AAPL) amazing product channels is the Apple TV. The reason for it being so interesting is because it has not taken off like most of Apple’s products. Apple TV has even had two iterations released which would make you think that Apple definitely believes in the product.

In my opinion, the reason Apple TV has not taken off is simple. People do not want to add another set-top box to their family room. We already have the clunky cable box. Additionally, I have a DVD player and an audio receiver. I think Apple TV is great, but I don’t want to add a fourth box to my setup.

Furthermore, the competition for your living room is fierce with players like Amazon, Vudu, Netflix, Tivo, and Apple. However, all of the solutions are an additional set-top box. The solution for Apple? Release an LCD TV.

LCD TVs have been one of the hottest consumer products in the last few years. Apple already produces beautiful monitors for the Mac lineup. They should combine the Apple TV functionality into an LCD and get it over with. If they also threw in DVR technology, Apple would officially conquer American’s living rooms.

Apple has had great success with their iMac line where the computer is essentially just the monitor with a mouse and keyboard coming out of the monitor. If they can extend this concept to the LCD TV, it would be largely successful.

It will be fun to watch as more companies attempt to converge the computer and the TV. I have to think that Apple has the advantage with their product designs and media distribution methods they have in place (iTunes).

I just hope that if Apple does come out with an LCD TV that it will sell at Sam’s so I can get it for free. Wondering what I’m talking about? Check out my previous post.

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