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Want To Get Excited About Stocks? Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

22 May 2008 No Comment

A recent sermon at the church I attend was about “getting excited about God and about church.” The pastor mentioned how many people approach him and tell him that they are trying to get more excited about God and church but it just doesn’t seem to happen for them. His first question was always, “Are you tithing?” The reason for this question is simple. We naturally become more excited about things when money is invested in them.

The same principle is true in the stock market. The bottom line is that you will not get excited about the stock market until you have your money on the line. Furthermore, an excitement over the stock market will result in more than just an emotional high. It can result in you making more money. Let me explain.

If Your Get Excited, You Will Learn

As a 20-something investor, your goal for the immediate future is not to earn stellar returns. Your goal is to learn as much as possible. You need to understand how the markets work, how they react to certain news and events, and then how individual stocks move.

None of this will happen without you being excited. Remember, in school, when you would do great in the classes that interested you? It is no different.

If you Learn, You Will Make Money

This is the ultimate goal, right? You want to earn money. You want to double, triple, and multiply your money many times over throughout your life. In order to achieve such a feat, you must learn how to invest.

Remember, your goal as a new investor is to educate yourself. By educating yourself, you will find the best ways to make money. In order to learn, you must get into the game. Whether it is $100 or $10,000, you won’t learn how to invest until you put your money at risk.

A good way to invest is to find a company with some potential and thoroughly learn that company. Maybe you’re an Apple fan but have never followed its stock. Now is the time to extend your Apple passion to its stock. Or maybe you want to learn some energy companies with all the news surrounding high oil prices. Either way, target a company or group of companies, get a small position, and then watch and learn.

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