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My Top Five Blog List For Other 20-Somethings

29 May 2008 One Comment

Okay, it’s time for me to admit something. There is other good content out there on the web for 20-somethings in addition to 20s Money. I’ve decided to go ahead and write an article recommending some of the blogs that I like to read frequently. Check them out and if you like them add them to your RSS reader.

Christine Hassler’s Twenty Something Blog

Christine’s blog provides great advice to 20-somethings with regards to the issues many 20-somethings face such as careers, relationships, and growth.

Tim Sykes

Tim is a good friend of mine and an excellent stock trader. He is a 20-something that has turn thousands into millions. He provides informative and hilarious market commentary along with instructional trading information to his readers.

Personal Branding Blog

Dan Schawbel’s blog provides great insight for young people trying to market themselves. Great advice for those looking to advance their career or start a business venture.

Brazen Careerist

This website is a collection of authors (myself included) that post about issues pertaining to generation-Y such as careers, politics, money, technology, etc.

The Four Hour Work Week Blog

Tim Ferriss’s book and blog have changed my thinking in a number of different areas. His story is both incredible and interesting. If you’re looking for a life change or career change, check him out. If you’re young and wanting to avoid falling into a mundane lifestyle that most fall victim to, then also check him out.

Do you have favorite blogs that are not listed here? Share your favorites by adding your comment below.

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  • Dividend Growth Investor said:

    I am a 20 something blogger as well. I don’t know if I am your favorite blogger however. I believe in long-term dividend investing for passive income generation.