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Market Continues To Trade Sideways, Dividends Looking Nice

2 June 2008 No Comment

The market continues to trade in the mid 12,000 range with fluctuations just above and just below being the norm. Without a clear direction for the market, where are investors to look for gains on their money? Dividends might be the answer to that question.

Dividends not only provide a consistent stream of income, they can also help cushion a down turn in share price. I would encourage you to target some high dividend yielding stocks for your portfolio. With high oil prices looking to stay, the growth of the economy is likely to be minimal. During a low growth period, dividends will help boost your return.

Altria (MO) just declared a quarterly dividend of $.29 which equates to a 5.2% yield. Altria has also demonstrated its ability to perform in any economic environment. This could be a great anchor for your portfolio that can provide returns for years to come.

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