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Four-Prong Financial Strategy Update: Real Estate

3 June 2008 3 Comments

In my previous post, My Four-Pronged Strategy Towards Financial Prosperity, I talked about the four pieces of my financial strategy. In the previous couple weeks, I have had some updates with regards to Real Estate, one of the four components. In this post, I aim to give you an update on my progress on this “prong” and to explain how it fits into my financial strategy.

Also, this is the first video post on 20s Money. I am experimenting with this content format.  My four-pronged financial strategy that I have been talking about at length on this site is a constantly evolving concept that I will continue to update.  Furthermore, I will update you on the progress I am making in my own life with regards to these individual areas of the overall strategy.  Hopefully, my successes and failures can help you achieve you financial goals.

I would love to get feedback regarding the video format of this post. Add your comments below. Thanks.