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Finding Winning Stocks In An Ugly Market

4 June 2008 No Comment

As anyone who follows the market knows, the last few days have been pretty ugly. Several days in a row of big losses have left many investors bewildered and searching for winning investments. Adding to the confusion is the fact that oil has been retreating from its highs, yet still the market has continued lower. Shouldn’t the market be happy that oil is off its highs?

Unfortunately for you and I, the majority of stocks will follow the direction of the overall markets. This makes finding winning stocks in an ugly market tough. Tough, but not impossible. Here is a look at the sectors I think are the best places for you to put your money.

In the following video, I talk about the stocks that are on my radar during this ugly investing environment in addition to the sectors that I am avoiding.

As you heard in the above video, Chesapeake Energy (CHK), Discovery Holding Co. (DISCA), and Marvel Entertainment (MVL) are some of the few exceptions to my recommendation of staying away from companies dependent on the U.S.

Internationally exposed stocks such as Philip Morris International (PM) are also where I’m looking for strong gains despite an ugly economy here at home.

Do you have any winning stock picks that will thrive in an ugly domestic economy? Share your thoughts by adding your comments.

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