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20 Reasons For 20-Somethings To Pursue Financial Excellence

17 June 2008 3 Comments

Financial excellence is achieved when a person has multiple income streams. Furthermore, financial excellence means that you have assets working for you and building wealth for you. Financial excellence is a fantastic goal.

Most of us in our 20s have not achieved such a state yet; however, now is the time to begin the pursuit of such a goal. Need some motivation? Here are 20 reasons you should begin your pursuit of financial excellence immediately.

1. Remove Stress

Living paycheck to paycheck? Achieving financial excellence will help remove the stress of “just getting by” and help you begin to build wealth. Removing financial stress will make you happier, improve your marriage and relationships, and allow you to stop wasting energy and focus on positive things in your life.

2. Financial Security Is Better Than Job Security

Pursuing a secure job was for your grandfather’s generation. People change jobs and careers now more than ever. Outsourcing, competitive pressures, and hundreds of other factors create situations where people lose their jobs. Forget job security and focus on financial security. Begin thinking about your career as one part of many in your financial strategy. Read my Four-Pronged Strategy For Financial Prosperity.

3. Lifestyle Flexibility

Are you in a post-college depressed state at the thought of working 9-5 in your cubicle for the next 40 years? Well, me too. Let’s achieve our financial goals to allow us to be flexible with our work schedule and our lives. Want to run a business two days a week and golf three days a week? It’s possible.

4. Make Your Money Work For You, Don’t Work For Your Money

Despite what progressive politicians will tell you, basic economic forces are the main reason the rich get richer. Rich people have assets that continue to build wealth when the majority of society continues to work hard to earn not enough money. You will not get rich through a salary. Focus on assets that will grow and offer returns throughout your lifetime.

5. We Will Face Stiffer Competition Globally Than Any Previous Generation

Job security is a thing of the past. We live in a global economy where if you can’t do something that someone in India can do for a fourth of the cost, you are at risk. Furthermore, did you know that China has as many AP level high school students as the total number of high school students in America? Basically, there are way more people in other parts of the world that will work harder, are just as smart, and will do your job for less money. You need to read “The World Is Flat” to understand the world you are trying to make money in.

6. Inflation Is Ugly

Food and energy costs are skyrocketing. Our government is irresponsible in protecting the US dollar which causes prices to go up. You will need more money in the future than you do now just to continue your current lifestyle.

7. Our Government Is Short Sighted And Doesn’t Care About Your Future

Like the last point, our representatives in government only care about their re-election; therefore, they don’t do anything that will benefit our country in the long term. Stimulus packages and rate cuts are band-aids on much larger problems that our government refuses to address. Social security and Medicare are running out of money, yet no action is taken. Take control of your own future because our government isn’t capable of taking care of you.

8. You Can Make An Impact With Your Money

It’s truly amazing what you can do with your money. Ever regret a purchase you made? You will never regret a charitable act or helping a needy family. Wouldn’t it be great to have the flexibility to give whenever an opportunity arises?

9. Fund Amazing Experiences

Use your resources to fund amazing experiences? Always wanted to climb Kilimanjaro in Africa? Go do it. Want to go to Thailand with your wife? Great idea. There are amazing places to see and incredible things to experience. Many of them take money to fund them.

10. Nobody Will Look Out For You Better Than Yourself

Who else is going to secure your financial future? Nobody. It’s time you became proactive and intentional about the state of your finances. You’ll thank me later.

11. Give Your Kids A College Education

What a better reason to build assets than for your kids’ future opportunities? College is getting more and more expensive; if you want to help put them through school, you may want to start planning now.

12. Retire Early

Travel the world in your 50s? How about the option of playing golf every day before you are too old to play golf every day? The early retirement option is possible only for those who begin taking their financial goals serious at an early age.

13. Buy Things You Enjoy

While money cannot buy you happiness, life can be more exciting with some fun toys to play with. Perhaps, you enjoy sports cars or you love boating. There are many hobbies and interests out there that are expensive.

14. Be A Financially Responsible Example To Your Kids

Unfortunately, young people are specifically targeted by high interest credit card companies and other companies looking to exploit their lack of financial intelligence. Be a rare positive financial example in their lives. Help your kids understand the value of a dollar, concepts like compounding interest and personal responsibility, and the basics of the stock market. You can help your kids gain an interest in financial matters by showing excitement yourself.

15. There Is Money To Be Made Out There, Why Not Grab Your Share?

The reality is that there are tons of opportunities out there to be successful. Why should you sit by and let others take your share? Be proactive and be willing to take a little risk, especially in your 20s, and your future might have a nice pay out.

16. By Starting In Your 20s, You Are Ahead Of The Game

Most people in their 20s are focusing on eliminating debt (hopefully) and building their career. These are definitely two mandatory objectives, but your financial life in your 20s should not be limited to just these goals. Start saving and start learning how to invest. Your future will be grateful.

17. Enable Yourself To Pursue Your Dreams
By achieving financial excellence, you can remove any financial obstacles from pursuing your dreams. Perhaps, you want to volunteer and can afford to live without a salary. Or, you may have a business venture you have always wanted to pursue and can now self-fund your concept. Either way, doors open when you remove financial barriers.

18. In Your 20s, You Have The Energy And Freedom To Pursue Financial Goals

In your 20s, you have the energy and desire to work hard to build your future. Instead of hitting the bar scene on a nightly basis, maybe you want to work at night building a second income stream. Or maybe you want to wake up early and work on your blog before work. Leverage your youth while you can!

19. Don’t Be A Leach To Society

There are way too many people out there who have zero personal responsibility and who don’t plan on taking care of themselves in the future. Government and social security will fail you. Don’t count on family members to bail you out of rough times.

20. Make The Most Of Your Life!

Work hard but enjoy life. Combine all of the previous 19 reasons for financial excellence and it will help you make the most out of your life. Less stress, more fun, more experiences, and not having to rely on others to take care of you add up to a great opportunity to have a long and fulfilling life.


  • Jason said:

    I’m in debt over my head. How am i supposed to pursue “financial excellence”????

  • kevin duffey said:

    By fighting to get out of debt, you are definitely in your pursuit. Good luck!

  • torbjorn rive said:

    good list! i especially like #7, same is true here in Canada. You’ve got to help yourself! Even where my work is concerned; being a consultant means that I have to look for funding streams and opportunities. The govt may talk big on the stage about enviro concerns and funding for projects, but really it’s tough to come by.

    On a personal level, you’ve got to save/invest so that it seemingly hurts your wallet, then you know you’re doing it right.