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If Guns Kill People, Then Do Pens Misspell Words?

26 June 2008 3 Comments

Here in America, we have a widespread attitude of blaming everyone else for our problems. Personal responsibility is not a popular concept to embrace. We look to the government for our general welfare. We look to government and companies for our retirement. We blame cigarette companies for cancer, gun companies for murder, and banks for subprime mortgages. When do we decide to take responsibility for ourselves and for our own future?

This blog is about taking a hold of our financial future and not relying on anyone to provide for us now or down the road.

As a 20-something American, I’m extremely pessimistic about our government and society. We have a short-sighted government that only cares about re-election, and re-election means fiscal irresponsibility (both sides of the aisle) because it takes spending to get votes. Our society is increasingly embracing extreme political correctness, wealth redistribution, and total reliance on government to solve every last problem we might have.

Yes, your government cares more about eradicating offensive comments from society then ensuring a strong nation for your grandchildren. Social security is a disaster, if you are young like me, you are paying into a program you will never receive back from. Medicare and other programs, likewise, are a disaster. Do any politicians seriously address these issues in a common sense matter? No, because it’d be too controversial and controversy doesn’t bode well for re-election. Bastards.

Why am I writing about this, isn’t this a finance blog for 20-somethings? Because, as a young person, you have a voice and you also have the power to vote. Vote for real solutions to the real problems we have in our country. No matter how active or passionate you are, you can make a difference. Not very passionate? Ok, just tell a friend about what you read. Border-line radical? Go stage a protest or something.

Even more so, take control of your future yourself. Do not rely on anybody else for your financial future. Nobody cares about you more than you do. Position yourself financially so that you can save and have a solid retirement. Plan for zero assistance, and if you get some down the road, then consider it a bonus.

20s Money is about a generation of hard working, self-reliant people who desire financial freedom and are willing to act upon their desires. We realize that it takes more than good intentions to secure a strong future. It takes hard work, education, and learning from mistakes. Are you willing to do what it takes to get what you want financially? Or are you simply hoping for government hand-outs. For our children’s sake, I hope you aren’t counting on the latter.


  • SBF said:

    Like the post, but let’s be optimistic about the future. Yeah our county has its problems, but it’s better than anywhre else.

  • Sam said:

    I would disagree with SBF … I am very pessimistic and realistic about where this country is headed. Between our government spending and immigration lack of control I feel like we are just going to keep digging the hole deeper. All you can do is try to take care of your business best you can. I also think if this country keeps going the way it’s headed, this will not be the best place to live before too long.

  • Kevin said:

    You have every right to be pessimistic, especially about our huge and ever-growing government. I agree with what you said on personal responsibility, and looking out for yourself by taking control of your own future and not relying on government or anyone else.

    However, I disagree that voting is a solution. Voting has gotten us to the point we are now for the past 100 years. People always end up buying the media lies and jump on the “lesser of two evils” bandwagon. Then, we end up with a government that’s even more evil than the last!

    This is an endless cycle that will certainly end up in a disaster- possibly a true dictatorship (as opposed to the quasi-dictatorship we have now), and definitely in a financial meltdown.

    We have to take it upon ourselves to not obey unjust and immoral laws (like the income tax). Civil disobedience will save us from what the government is unleashing upon us. We need to reject government at every turn. Government, after all, is simply force at the barrel of a gun- instead of a necessary evil, we need to realize that it is an evil that needs to not be given any credibility whatsoever.

    Clearly, this is going to take time. In the mean time, getting out of U.S. dollars and into gold and silver is a step to protecting yourself and getting “out of the matrix”. Of course, we can’t pay for things in gold and silver, so you have to keep just enough in dollars for that and sign up for a service like goldmoney.com to not only hold gold offshore, but to be able to buy items in “gold grams” via online transactions.

    Anyway, this is my 2 cents. Check out the report at shadowstats.com on the coming hyperinflationary depression if you really want a shot of reality!