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Stocks Are Down Again, But I Made $300 On A Quick Trade This Morning, You Can Do It Too

30 June 2008 6 Comments

Today, while the overall stock market continues to pummel the average investor, I decided to take some action that I usually don’t do. I bought a stock strictly on a technical break-out and then sold 20 minutes later for a quick $300 profit. It was a learning experience and an easy chunk of money to earn as the market opened this morning. The beauty of it? This kind of strategy is completely independent of the overall market fundamentals which means you can make a killing no matter what the economy or the market looks like. Interested? Keep reading.

Today, at the open, I bought 900 shares of China North East Petroleum Holdings (CNEH.OB) at $4.85 a share. Twenty minutes later, I sold the entire position at $5.20 a share for a quick $300 gain. Beautiful right? Let’s break this a part to completely understand it.

First, the stock had a picture perfect break-out and technical analysis enthusiasts will tell you that buying a perfect break-out is a sure fire way to get a quick gain much of the time. The question is how do you find stocks that have perfect break-outs? I don’t have time to scour online resources all day finding perfect stocks for the chance to make a quick hundred bucks! Neither do I, that’s why I let someone else do it for me.

Let Someone Who Knows How To Find These Stocks Find Them For You

I’m not that great at finding these technical buying opportunities. But, I know someone who is excellent at it. I know someone who has been doing it for years, who has made millions and who continues to do it day in and day out. That person’s name is Tim Sykes. I know Tim personally, I have watched him with my own eyes trade stocks at his computer, and I have witnessed him slaughter the market average over the last six months. Tim is up 60% in the last six months where the market is down about 20%! Talk about decimating the market average.

Here’s How To Let Tim Work For You

Tim has an amazing service where he alerts or notifies his subscribers of perfect trading opportunities. For a small fee, I subscribe to Tim’s service and get alerted of ways to make money. The $300 I made in 20 minutes this morning will pay for the entire service over the next year. Last friday, Tim alerted me of CNEH. After doing some research of my own over the weekend, I decided to buy at the open this morning. Because of the alert I received from Tim, I was able to pocket $300!

The best part is now I see that his service works and I can actually make money. This is the first time I have followed Tim’s calls and alerts to take action on my own. It won’t be the last. I’m excited about the new way to make money that is completely independent of concepts such as interest rates, inflation, credit crunch that drive the overall stock market up and down.

Another great service I have more recently grown to like is the services offered by metatrader 4. They are great for trading in the forex, commodities and indices markets. The best thing is that you can try them for free and see for yourself why they are such a highly recommended service.


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