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Heading To Europe Today!

2 July 2008 One Comment

Well, today I am taking off from the States and heading to Zurich, Switzerland.  My wife and I are fortunate enough to be combining business and pleasure in this trip so some of the expenses are taken care of!  The best way to travel, right?

After visiting family in Zurich, we will be heading for a week of meetings in Paris.  I have been to both France and Switzerland, but I have not been to either Zurich or Paris.  We are excited to have the opportunity and the means to take such a trip.

The exchange rate will undoubtedly murder our piddly U.S. dollars, but we will deal with it.  The other thing to note is Apple’s new movie rental service through iTunes is pretty awesome.  I rented and downloaded three movies last night onto my laptop.  What a great service if you travel a lot!  Did I mentioned I’m an Apple fan?

While abroad, I will continue to monitor the stock market.  Why?  Because I have money invested and I like to know what my money is doing!  Also, I will continue to write articles to the blog about Europe and about the usual topics seen here on 20s Money.

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  • hank said:

    Where are all the travel pics? 🙂