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Why Your Focus Should Be Lifestyle And People Over Possessions

6 July 2008 No Comment

I constantly re-analyze my priorities and my reasons for working hard in life. I repeatedly re-check my motivation. Why do i desire financial freedom? What am I really pursuing? Although, it’s easy to be pushed by the current of our culture, my focus is on building a desired lifestyle and on spending time with the people in my life. Let me explain why I think this is the proper perspective.

In America, we are constantly bombarded with advertising and a message that we must own certain things to be happy. We are a consumer-driven, material possession obsessed country. With that said, I do not desire to abandon all possessions and live a life in the wilderness, I simply desire a certain lifestyle over an abundance of material possessions. Which one would you choose if given the opportunity?

When I think of wealth, some think of the sports cars and big homes that come with it. I think of the lifestyle that is possible with wealth. I truly desire to work meaningful, impactful hours while also enjoying plenty of free time doing things I desire and spending time with the close people in my life.

The three things in my life that I desire to fund through my money are as follows:

  1. A nice house where my kids and their friends will enjoy hanging out. This will encourage family time as well as getting to know my kids and their friends. This is the one possession-focused item on my list, but it is justified due to the experiences it will create.
  2. I want a lifestyle where I have not set hours. I can work when I want and I don’t waste time doing meaningless tasks but I perform productive and meaningful work in an efficient manner to not take time from other things in life. I wish to pursue things like run a marathon, be a successful investor/trader, and become a great golfer. I need time and energy for those things.
  3. Lastly, I want to have the time and resources to travel with family and friends. As I type this article, I sit in Zurich, tired from a day long expedition into the Swiss Alps (breathtaking). My wife and I have enjoyed spending time with her cousin and her family as we experience a new place with beauty, culture, and great people. What else brings such joy? I want travel to be ingrained into my life and my family’s lives. It results in fun, memories, learning and experiencing different types of people.

What you did not see on my list is a Ferrari or fancy clothes or the biggest house possible. One item that could also be on my list is a boat but this would be for the same reason as travel and owning a nice house. The family and friend experiences through boating trips would be great, but this would definitely come after the above three items.

My list isn’t necessarily the right list for you, but do you even have a list? Don’t just go where our culture pushes you! Determine what you love and enjoy and pursue those things with your time, energy and money.

I recently read an article about how the rich are more stressed and more overworked. This doesn’t surprise me. I don’t wish to be rich just for the sake of being rich. Nor do I wish to kill myself to keep my wealth growing. When do you get to the point where you can say enough is enough, now I want to enjoy my time.

Financial freedom is a great thing to have.  The means and ability to enjoy quality experiences with the people in your life is as good as it gets.  A person who does that is more rich than the most wealthy work-a-holic.

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