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20s Money Portfolio Update: Bought Chesapeake at $53.27, Sold Apple at $174.02

17 July 2008 One Comment

I decided I will begin providing updates of all stock trades I make in order to promote continued transparency between what I write and what I do. Hopefully, you enjoy!

Today, I made two moves in my portfolio.

First, I sold a portion of my Apple position at $174.02.  I did this completely based on near term view.  Tech stocks have been trading weakly and I believe there might be a sell off after Apple releases earnings next week.  We’ll see.

Second, I bought a good chunk of Chesapeake at $53.27.  As I mentioned in the previous post, Chesapeake is well off its high at $74 a share it hit recently.  Today was a great buying opportunity and I took advantage of it.

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