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Chesapeake Energy Buying Opportunity

17 July 2008 6 Comments

With Chesapeake Energy (CHK) down big again today, we are now about 27% off of its high at $74.  This is a great company with great short term and long term potential.  I have sold shares in the past at $55 and $65 to cash in on the run up because I expected a natural gas correction.  Now, that we are in the correction, I am a buyer of shares.

Long term, I think there will be energy policies enacted by our government that will be very favorable for natural gas.  Also, take a look at Boone Pickin’s energy plan that pushes natural gas as a transportation fuel.

When will we see the Chesapeake CEO buy more shares?  At current levels, I imagine very soon.  I highly recommend investors take a look at this stock as natural gas corrects!


  • theWild1 said:

    CHK is very high on my list also.

  • Chris said:

    Be patient, oil will keep pulling back (short term) dragging natural gas with it.

  • kevin duffey said:


    To be honest, I hope so. I’ll buy more CHK!