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Pickins Plan Has Plenty Of Potential

21 July 2008 7 Comments

One of my favorite people to read about, Boone Pickins, has a plan to fix America’s energy crisis. He wants to reduce our dependence on oil. While this is not unique to Pickins, it is unique in the fact that Pickins has made billions off just that, oil.

Pickins is currently investing in one of the largest wind farms ever to be built in Texas. He wants to implement enough wind farms to power a significant portion of the country’s electric grid. Then, he wants to leverage domestic natural gas to power transportation. There are already natural gas cars on the market, so the technology is available.  I’m all about it and you should be too. Watch the video below, get involved at pickins plan, and invest in natural gas.

Hopefully, you buy into the concepts discussed in the above video.  Energy is a matter of national security.  By reducing and eventually eliminating our dependence on foreign oil, we can help our economy, dry up terrorism money, and clean up the environment.  Why isn’t this the absolute #1 issue in our country?  It should be above all else!

Pickins Plan may not be the number one solution, but it IS a solution.  It has the right mindset in that it is for the long term health of our country!  Tell your friends about it and spread the word!


  • R. Hearsch said:


    What is one to do? So much interest in alternative energy sources yet when push comes to shove and break-throughs are made, our government takes what ever drastic steps needed to squelch these break-throughs at the core, – and it’s not just the United States that is doing this!

    I am talking about such an invention in Clearwater, Florida where Denny Kline, a welder, adapted his two vehicles and traveled 100 miles on only four ounces of water. When the government found out about it they invited him up to Washington where engineers whet through his car and sure enough Denny’s claims were confirmed to the letter.

    Is our government really interested in this technology? The obvious answer is NO! Our government was however only interested in the impact this technology would have on the lost tax reviews the government would loose on HHO conversions and the oil companies loss of an overrated and over priced product.

    Two weeks later Denny got a call from Washington stating they he could go ahead and market his kits but they would have to blend at least 50% with gasoline. Note that this is one of four examples of hydrogen break-throughs where our government has unmercifully killed since 1975.

    For the record vehicles, boats, trains, aircraft carriers, submarines etc. etc. all function more efficiently with hydrogen as there is no carbon buildup and engines virtually last a progressively longer. Homes would be totally independent of all outside energy while generating their own 110v or 220v service 24-10.

    Hydrogen is free and so effective literally makes wind and solar power obsolete as well as all other forms of alleged alternate energy sources!!

    Is it not yet obvious that our government really does not want alternative energy sources unless it provides a very slow and methodical changeover regardless of the negative effect it has on our environment? This governmental mindset is so indicative of a form of government where a monetary platform must prevail at every twist in the road and at the expense of its population.

    Verifications of any part of this article is available upon request.


    R. Hearsch

  • Tom Blakeslee said:

    Hydrogen is free? You had better read further. It is very expensive and hard to deliver to cars, etc. Not a practical solution.