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Balancing Long Term Goals With An In-The-Moment Lifestyle

28 July 2008 2 Comments

Goals are important. I talk about them a lot, I think about them a lot and I analyze my pursuit of them. When does your goal oriented lifestyle extend past begin purposeful and become inhibiting? Staying focused on the future and building towards that future is important; however, it is equally important to enjoy the each day and each moment. Otherwise, you may find yourself old and rich and wondering where your life went. That’s not the goal!

I had an extremely enjoyable and relaxing weekend with family and friends. We went to the TPC Sawgrass resort just south of Jacksonville, FL and enjoyed some golf, the beach, and the pool. The weekend made me think a great deal about living in the moment. It was nice to be away from a computer, be away from work and frankly be away from my goals. Nothing to do but laugh and have fun.

Some of life’s little moments that bring joy to my life include:

  • Watching my yellow labrador, Hudson, knock things over as he rushes to greet me when I arrive home from work.
  • Going to the grocery store with my wife and then cooking dinner together
  • Enjoying the commute to work with my wife, happy that we are fortunate to be able to work together.
  • Watching a football game with buddies

While I’m an aggressive 20-something looking to beat the stock market, create my own businesses, and pursue my career, I also love to take a step back form my dogged pursuit of success to enjoy what I have in my life. Life isn’t always about what you can achieve or get next. What are you not enjoying fully that you already have?

As most of my readers are the go-get-em 20-something, I congratulate you on being goal-oriented and pursuing personal responsibility and success. I want to encourage you to take your eyes off the horizon at times and cast your gaze on the things right in front of you. Enjoy those close to you and be thankful for how far you’ve already come. If you’re like me, you have much to be thankful for.

Happy Monday!


  • Matt said:

    Good word! Perspective is huge and it is easy to get lose in the translation.

  • Blake@YoungDough said:

    This is a really good post. I’m often guilty of focusing so much on my goals and ambitions that I neglect my life here in the now. It’s often tough to cut loose when you’ve become so accustomed to working almost constantly.

    Thanks for this good post. I’ll take it to heart. 😀