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A Tale Of Two Blog Strategies

30 July 2008 One Comment

In my quest to acquire multiple income streams, I entered the blogosphere a few months ago with 20s Money. Today, I am launching my second blog with a completely different monetization strategy.

Page View Focused, Frequent Content, Advertising & Affiliate Monetization

These concepts describe the 20s Money approach to blogging. The goal is to provide frequent, high quality content to increase traffic and readership. By increasing the traffic, I will be able to sell more advertising space and make more affiliate sales; these will combine to provide an income stream.

Furthermore, the targeted individual is a 20-something looking to move their financial future forward. By increasing their knowledge surrounding investing, retirement, personal finance, careers and real estate, my readers will be able to reach their financial goals quicker and more reliably.

Subscriber Focused, Infrequent Content, Affiliate & Consulting Monetization

Today, I am excited to launch my next online venture: Small Blogging. This website is a combination of my experience in blogging and technology with my experience in sales and small business. The content is focused on helping small businesses leverage blogging and other web 2.0 technologies to take their marketing to the next level. Through blogging and other proven methods, small businesses can increase their sales and push through their current growth projections.

As stated above, the strategy with this blog is very different from 20s Money. It is not my intention to provide content every single day because I am not trying to appeal to the same kind of reader. I am trying to appeal to small business owners and sales people who won’t visit the site each day. The goal is to funnel readers into the email list which I can monetize with efficiency.

Since I will not be providing content as frequently, the content has to be perfect and of the highest quality. I might only have one chance with a new visitor, so each piece of content must make a high impact.

The Combined Experience

Hopefully, my strategies will be successful as described above. Based on success levels of each website, I may combine or adjust these strategies. Ideally, each website will begin to provide a stable, second income stream for myself. Additionally, I am hoping for a type of synergy between the to websites that will help drive the growth of each; for example, a large in flux in traffic on one site hopefully will help increase traffic on the other site and vice versa.

For anyone interested in small business and blogging, please check out SmallBlogging.com and let me know what you think!

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  • The Happy Rock said:

    I think you have the right strategy. The strategy is dictated by your goals. For Small Blogging your email list will be the thing that you can really leverage to make money. Something like a free e-book might be a good way to gather people onto your side and occasional present them with affiliate offers and other valuable information and service offerings. For 20s content content content will be the best pathway to growth and earning potential.