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Blogging Tip: Maximize Your Tuesday to Thursday Audience

30 July 2008 One Comment

While typically the content of this site is focused on stocks and business, I sometimes write about how to create and build a blog. I include this type of content because I believe for a young 20-something, an online business or blog is the best route to build a second income stream. With that said, this article provides a tip for building your blog and how to increase your traffic and regular readers.

It is generally well known that most blogs receive more traffic on tuesday, wednesday and thursday during the week than the other days of the week. This theory holds true for me as these are the three busiest days with regards to traffic for 20s Money. Friday is next, followed by Monday, then the weekend.

This is worth noting because it can help you strategize to turn this increase in traffic into more sustained traffic and more subscriptions. My strategy is to, is possible, provide two strong articles for each of these three days. This will help get more, quality content to this influx in visitors. Hopefully one of these articles will hit home with each reader and they will be interested in becoming a regular reader.

Be sure to advertise for your RSS feed on each page and maybe give an overall blurb about your blog, so that each visitor can quickly see this type of information. My goal, and probably your goal, is to make money blogging. More subscriptions and more visitors will help you get closer to your goal of making money from your blog.

Good luck and be sure to check back at 20s Money for more blogging tips.

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  • T Edwards said:

    Hey 20’s
    That is really interesting info. I just installed Google Analytics on my blog so I don’t have alot of data to test but I’m definitely going to watch my Tues, Wed, and Thurs traffic.

    Awesome stats,