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A Spotlight On Aubrey McClendon, My Favorite CEO

1 August 2008 2 Comments

Chesapeake Energy (CHK) has been one of my favorite stocks, next to Apple and Philip Morris Int’l, for some time. A big reason for my love affair with the company is the CEO running the show. Aubrey McClendon is spear heading this company’s future and in some respects, the future of our country’s energy policy.

Insider Buying

No CEO around is known for as much insider buying as Aubrey McClendon. For years, he has been investing millions into his own company’s stock buying the stock continuously no matter what the share price has been. He has repeatedly stated that he believes the stock is a $100 stock (the current price is around $50). He is confident in the direction of the company so he puts his money where his mouth is. Tough to argue with, no?

Driving Energy Policy

This week, McClendon met with government officials in an attempt to push more natural gas adoption in areas such as transportation (note that natural gas vehicles already exist). McClendon tag teaming with Boone Pickens has a great chance at impacting the future energy policy of our country. Take a look at one of McClendon’s great quotes addressing congress.

“Imagine if tomorrow you could announce a new energy plan that would in one stroke cut your constituent’s gasoline bill in half, reduce our oil imports, improve our air quality, enhance national security, strengthen the dollar, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and create tens of thousands of new jobs in the U.S. I believe your upcoming reelection chances would be even higher than they already are.”

How do you argue with that statement? Well, it seems many of the lawmakers didn’t. I believe with the next administration, there will be energy policy enacted that will heavily favor the use of natural gas. This is fantastic for any Chesapeake Energy investor. McClendon seems convinced as he continues to buy up shares of his own.

Chesapeake shares are hovering around $50 after peaking at $74 just weeks ago. I have a heavy buy rating on this stock. I own the stock and will be buying more. Good luck.


  • torbjorn rive said:

    Although I too have positions in natural gas ( Delphi Energy, DEE.to) to be exact, one has to be aware that the price of nat gas does follow the price of oil, as does the company stock.

    CHK shadows DIG (Proshares Oil and Gas) very closely, and I’m not sure what would un-hinge them. So, before you invest heavily in CHK ‘one’ has to ask themselves if ‘one’ believes that Oil has peaked. If it has then maybe CHK has also seen its peak.

    You do mention that you are long-long term on natural gas, so you should mention absolute patience if one is to invest in CHK for the long-haul.