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Weekend Reading Assignments & Random Quick Notes

2 August 2008 No Comment

Take a look at some of the good content out there to read as the week comes to a close.

  • Yahoo Finance has a great article on how to retire abroad. While I have an adventurous spirit, love to travel, and look forward to new experiences in my eventual retirement, I have to say that there’s no place like the USA and I don’t think I’d retire overseas. Either way, this article has great, practical advice on things to consider if this would become an option for you.
  • Good article over at Frugal Dad about the importance of an Emergency Fund. While I agree it is an important aspect of your personal finance, be sure not to put too much money in a money market or savings account. You can earn a better return elsewhere.
  • An article showing a bunch of finance bloggers and their portfolio performance. You’ll notice that they pretty much just follow the market which of course has been significantly lower. Like I always say, I don’t understand active diversification investing, why not just buy an S&P ETF.

Random Quick Notes

Here are some random thoughts I have on what’s going on that may or may not be related to typical 20s Money content.

  • Manny Ramirez is no longer a member of the Red Sox. While, I think he is both a great hitter and a moron, you can’t argue with the fantastic memories he created while playing in Boston. My favorites… him cutting off the center fielder’s throw back into the infield and when he used the bathroom in the green monster during a pitching change. Priceless.
  • I keep hearing people tell me they are looking at or buying a piece of real estate at “50 cents on the dollar.” Guys, this doesn’t make sense. Real estate is worth what you are willing to pay for it today. What it was listed for or what it sold for 2 years ago is irrelevant. If someone bought a house for $400k more than it’s worth today a year or 2 ago, the only thing it indicates is that the previous buyer is an idiot.
  • I recently had a conversation with someone about a potential business model for an airline. What if the airfare was a strict formula based on flight distance and total weight impact you have on the airline? Your total weight impact is based on how much you weigh and how much your luggage weighs. Basically, overweight people would have to pay more to fly. Discriminatory or common sense with today’s high fuel costs? Don’t think that a person’s weight has an impact on fuel expenditures? Check out this article.
  • For all you college football fans, the new Coaches Poll is out. My Gators are #5. Be sure to mark your calendar for the annual Florida Georgia game. Could be a huge match up.

That’s all I got for now. Got a big weekend of working on the new house. Man, moving into a new place takes forever. Painting, moving, decorating… ahhh, oh well.

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