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July Blogging Income Report

3 August 2008 7 Comments

Well, I had my best month ever here at 20s Money and while I’m still a ways off from my $500 monthly goal, it is exciting to make progress in my pursuit to create a second income and make money online . In July 2008, 20s Money earned $173.78. For a complete breakdown of the income from blogging, continue reading.

This month’s increase was definitely due to some affiliate sales kicking in as you can see below. Much of my research indicates that most people that make money online do so through affiliate sales more than any kind of advertising.

Google Adsense $17.64
In-Text Advertising $5.00
Selling Text Links $11.90
Total Advertising $34.54
Affiliate Sales $139.24

The income levels in each category should continue to rise as the traffic and readership continues to grow on this site. Also, as I continue this journey in making money blogging, I am hoping to begin drawing some revenue from my new blog/website at www.smallblogging.com.

I will keep you posted! If you have any comments on your pursuit of generating income through blogging or any other means of making money online, please join the discussion by adding your comment.


  • hank said:

    Cool – what are you affiliate-ly selling?

  • Jonathan Faulkner said:

    This may be a dumb question but can you explain the affiliate online advertising vs standard ads/google ads etc.

  • kevin duffey said:

    Affiliate sales basically are when you refer someone to buy a product or sign up for a service and the company selling that product/service gives you a percentage of the sale.

    For example, I get somebody to sign up for ING Direct through my site and they pay me $20 or so. Affiliate marketing is very huge and even some of the biggest companies leverage affiliate programs to drive sales.

  • Sean said:

    Very interesting! I was surprised by how much affiliate sales outpaced all other advertising combined. I’ve generally had the best luck with AdSense, but maybe I’ll give affiliate sales another shot.

  • kevin duffey said:

    I had a decent month in July in affiliate sales with a couple key sales. We’ll see if that trend will continue. However, it seems each month a couple different key deals are developing to where the monetization of the blog should continue to grow.

  • T Edwards said:

    You’ve only been blogging for a few months and you’ve already made nearly $200??? THAT IS AWESOME!!!
    I am a new blogger and I have aspirations of making money on line but I feel I have a looonnng way to go. My blog is only a few weeks old but I’m learning alot and having fun.

    Great blog and keep up the good work!