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How To Make More Money At Your Current Job

4 August 2008 3 Comments

Many people struggle with getting promotions and raises in their career, even more struggle to build up a secondary source of income while still working a full time career. What if you could do both in a single effort? What if you could take responsibility that increases your stature and position in your company while at the same time earns you more money? I’m not talking about a raise either. I’m talking about an income stream independent of your salary (which should increase as well).

Before we begin, the idea I am proposing here will probably work better for smaller businesses as this will be a tough thing to sell to a large corporation; however, if you work for a large corporation, I encourage you to read this article as it may help you in your future role, your own business some day, or even help you establish a second income stream.

The Setup

I have a friend who works for a law firm. He decided, in addition to progressing his law career, to attempt to create a second income stream for himself while helping out the law firm at the same time. His project was to create a landing page or a website that would forward business to the law firm. In return, the law firm agreed to give him a cut of all business that comes from the site. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

In order to gain traffic and eventual business, my friend is employing some search engine optimization techniques. His efforts will target people searching for certain specific law services in his market and send them to his website. Once at the website, information on the services of the law firm are displayed and hopefully, they will result in clients.

The Result

For just a few hours of work, my friend has a decent setup and a method of generating some secondary income. Once setup, it requires hardly any time to maintain; therefore, this second income stream is extremely passive and leaves him more time to work on his career or find other ways to generate additional income.

The higher the success rate of his website, the more money he and the law firm make. Also, with more success, the happier the law firm is and the greater his reputation becomes. Is a similar situation possible for your company? Why not give it a shot? Also, FYI, my friend has zero technical skills. He picked up a few basic website skills and used online services to do the rest. So, anyone can do what he did.

How To Improve This Sales Channel

What my friend has created is a sales channel for the company at which he is employed. Now that his system is setup, he is free to let it generate money. The more money it makes for the company, the better off he is as well. Since we’ve established that this is a passive income stream and the more it makes, the more he makes, the next question is: how can it be improved so that it performs at a even higher success rate?

Well, there are several things he can do to make this channel generate even more money. Better content and more traffic will lead to more business. Part 2 of this article discusses the best kind of content to get more traffic and more business. Also, Part 2 discusses how to utilize other technology such as an automated email list to more effectively target potential customers. If you think you might want to launch a similar project like the one described here, be sure to read part 2 for more information.

Click here to read part 2 of Make More Money at SmallBlogging.com.

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  • Shamir Patel said:

    How much time do I need to dedicate to the blog?

    In addition to SEO there are Cost Per Click Advertising options. Depending on the companies (Yahoo, Google, MIVA), it could get really expensive.

    Also, print marketing across a local part of your town. Print material is cheap and if you have the access, it’s an easy way to get the company name out.

    Any suggestions on how I could get more traffic to my site other than a Blog? Or CPC?

  • kevin duffey said:

    I think a corporate blog requires one or two articles or posts of substance a month. Depending on your type of customer, maybe less, maybe more.

    I don’t focus on print marketing because all my competitors do and I’m trying to find a way to be different. Sure, we do brochures and basic print materials, but this isn’t a differentiator.

    None of my competitors are communicating with their customers through corporate blogs.

    Some other methods for driving traffic are discussed here: http://20smoney.com/2008/08/04/how-to-make-more-money-at-your-current-job/

    Thanks for the comment!