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What Do You Enjoy When You Aren’t Thinking About Money And Your Job?

5 August 2008 7 Comments

Today is one of those days where I’m a little burned out.  I’m not really energized when it comes to work and that goes for blogging as well.  I’ve been hitting it pretty hard the last few weeks and need a day off.  While I’m still working, I’m turning my mind off to an extent.  Instead, I’m thinking about the other things that I enjoy.  Well, I’m gonna talk about one of those things.

As we roll into August, there is one thing that is rapidly approaching.  Yep, you got it.  College football.  As a graduate of University of Florida, I am pumped about the Gators chances this year.  If you want to see something that gets my adrenaline pumping, check out the video below.

Crucial moment in UF history where we blocked a game winning field goal to beat South Carolina which ensured a trip to the SEC title game and eventually a national title.

If you’re an Ohio State fan, I”m sorry but, boy was that game ugly!


  • SBF said:

    Like the post. It’s reality. I’m kind of burned out on everything as well. Or maybe I just wish I knew when oil/gas would start the climb back up…either way, I’m tired.

    And I think it’s a great buying time…

  • kevin duffey said:


    Hard to avoid feeling tired at times! Have to find things that recharge us and then get back to the grind of making money.

  • SBF said:

    I rested some, watched some good ol’ youtube.com crap and now I feel better. Did some research and decided it was time.

    I think these stocks are way to cheap, so I…

    Bought GDP @ 46.47
    Bought XTO @ 45.06
    Bought CHK @ 46.41

    …through my Fidelity brokerage account. I’m long long (2009-2010) XTO and CHK. I think GDP will be more volatile with larger swings. Keep your eyes open.


  • kevin duffey said:

    Love the moves. Very ballsy which of course I like.

    You’ll likely get some nice gains with any bounce in oil/gas!

    How do you like Fidelity?

  • SBF said:


    I got some time here, let me give you what I got:

    I like Fidelity. I’ve been with them since day one of my trading career (about 10 years ago). In the last year I have seen a major turn around in their customer service department, for the better! Their customer service is awesome. I actually enjoy needing a reason to call with a question. They are very polite and knowledgeable about their products. They offer good research and tools in help making trading decisions. I pay $8 commissions. Not to bad.

    I also have Banc of America. I like them as well. Paying $5 commissions. The only reason I partnered up with them is because of their wide range of products (banking, savings, investments, loans, CD’s, IRA’s, Credit Cards, etc). I don’t have all those accounts, but I do have several, making transfers extremely easy and moving stuff around time and cost efficient. I will tell you though, it seems most people I have talked to don’t like BOA because you’re just a number to them. I lucked out (deposited a lot of assets) and became a member of the Premier Banking and Investments group. You get an elevated customer service rep and don’t get put on hold. Their answer is always YES and usually at no cost. I like that…a lot!! Dedication and priority and I’m sticking with you! AmEx Accolades Card is a plus too.

    TD Ameritrade, I closed 2 years ago. Maybe better now than they were then. Wont go back.

    Prudential. So-so. It was an employed sponsored plan. No flexibility or options. Closed that.

    Vanguard. THE ABSOLUTE WORST BROKERAGE FIRM EVER!!! Client of 3 years. Hated every minute of it. Last 4 months of my life, I’ve been trying to close my account. Still not resolved. (transferring everything to Fidelity).

    Edward Jones. Very respectable and hard working people. Haven’t done enough with them to relay any significant news.

    Hope that helps, whoever is reading…


  • kevin duffey said:


    Great comments there. Very thorough. What is the AMEX accolades card? I have a green card and an Amex Starwood card. I use both extensively.

    Thanks for the feedback on brokerage firms.