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Are You Financially Fit?

13 August 2008 No Comment

The financial health of so many people today is extremely poor. Unfortunately, we live in a country where instant gratification takes priority over financial well being. Today, I’m going to talk about a tool that can help you figure out the status of your financial health.

Today, I took BillsIQ quiz to see where I stand financially. They offer help with retirement planning, purchasing a new home and Debt relief.

As I talk about at length on this blog, I have many financial goals including having financial freedom later in my life and being able to provide for my children. Being aware of your financial health along the way can definitely help you reach your financial goals.

Furthermore, if you desire to build real wealth in your life, it is imperative to position yourself financially early in your life to get to your wealth goals. A tool like this can definitely help you position yourself by eliminating debt and implementing a savings plan. Too many people are just getting by in their financial life because of the burden of high interest debt and buying into the culture of consumption. Get your finances in order so that you can be in a position to pursue real wealth in your life. That is what I like to call being financially fit.

I encourage you to take the quiz mentioned above, see where you stand and learn how to improve your financial health and your financial score.

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