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Blogging Tip: Turn Your Visitors Into Email List Subscribers

14 August 2008 No Comment

One blogging strategy that I have really been researching and busy implementing is leveraging an email subscription list. Most blogs will use an email list to simply send the regular blog content to subscribers. This is not what I am promoting here. I believe that a blog should use an email list for a specific purpose different than a regular blog visitor. Let the subscriber continue to visit the website for the typical blog content, you should email them highly specific, highly targeted material to both engage your subscribers and most importantly, make you money.

Email List Features

The great thing about an email list is that you can manage the list much more effectively than you can a typical RSS subscriber base. With email lists, you can segment the list into multiple, highly refined lists of potential buyers. The reason you want to do this is so you can email highly targeted content to the best audience based on who this group of people are. For example, if I run a finance blog and have 1000 subscribers. If I know that 200 of them are really interested in stocks, I can email highly targeted content such as investment services or promotions to these 200 people. You want to engage your audience based on their known interests and work those interests to make you money.

The Best Way To Manage An Email List

At this time it is important to introduce Aweber. Aweber offers an amazing email list management service for you to implement on your blog. It is extremely cheap and very easy to implement. I use it and love it.

Aweber lets you setup autoresponders where you can automatically send a free report or information to a visitor when they sign up. You can also setup multiple lists and segment your subscribers like I described above. Another awesome feature is click tracking. You can see what users click on what links in your email content which will help you group together your subscribers more effectively. For example, if person X clicks on the links having to do with retirement planning, you can put that person in the ‘Retirement’ group and send specific content to them.

Unlimited<br /> Autoresponders by AWeber

If you are looking to take advantage of this instrumental feature for your blog, you must check out Aweber. They have fantastic customer service and will show you how to do everything you will want to do when it comes to email subscription lists.

Why Do I Talk About Blogging At 20s Money?

In my opinion, making money online is the easiest and best way for a 20-something to create a second income stream. If you consider all of the ways to make money online, blogging is the easiest in my opinion. In just a few short months, I am already generating some income from this blog. It takes work and isn’t easy, but it’s very doable.

This tip in this article about email lists is a great way to ramp up your affiliate sales. By marketing affiliate products through specific content to a targeted audience, you can generate some amazing income. If you’re not making money online, it’s time to start. If you already have a blog, it’s time to add an email list to your blog.

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