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End Of The Week Random Thoughts

15 August 2008 3 Comments

Well, it’s been a crazy week. Too little sleep due to working hard all day and night then staying up and watching the olympics. I’ve had an incredibly productive week with both my day job and my blogs. I have a couple deals pending with my blog that will help me ramp up the monetization which of course is the end goal. Other than that here are some random thoughts and interesting links that I found this week.

  • Is anyone else fascinated at “nature battles”? I love when I find a video or images of one beast fighting another. Well, here’s a pretty sweet page showing a leopard killing a crocodile. Simply awesome.
  • In one of my attempted income streams known as fantasy baseball, I got dealt a tough blow this week with Carlos Lee breaking his finger! Might have just cost me $800.
  • I have to mention the Olympics…This is definitely the most I’ve been into the Olympics as long as I can remember. The American dominance in swimming is incredibly awesome to watch. Michael Phelps is a genius and his teammates are awesome too. The victory in the 4×100 relay where American swimmer, Jason Lezak, caught the favored French team in the last leg gives me chills each time I watch it. Also, Ryan Lochte is tearing it up too who is a UF swimmer. Go Gators and go USA.
  • Here is an interesting article regarding Google. It makes a thought provoking point about how when a stock is skyrocketing with a seemingly limitless ceiling, the company can do no wrong. When the stock is struggling, issues suddenly become public. The author of the article takes the stance of “entitlement” where everyone is entitled to everything in life even world class day care.
  • I spent a little time recently browsing car options since we are thinking about trading in a car. I am 25 years old and my goal for the next 10 years is to spend as little money as possible on cars. I will view a car as a means of getting from point A to point B. In ten years, if I am in a different financial situation, I will re-evaluate my position. The truth is that I love cars. I love nice cars and truly enjoy driving a world class vehicle. The problem is that they are such awful investments and for the next ten years, my focus is on generating net worth. With that said, I am slightly intrigued by the new Hyundai Sonata. It is an extremely nice vehicle that seems incredible inexpensive and comes with a killer warranty. Anybody own one? I have yet to drive one but would love more input regarding this vehicle.
  • I am really pumped about the increase in traffic in such a short time with my new site over at SmallBlogging.com. If you haven’t checked it out, please do so! Thanks!


  • SBF said:

    Hands down, no questions asked. JD Power and Assoc. 14 straight years Lexus has been #1 in fewest problems over 3 year term.

    Your best bet in nice, value, and safe car, a used cert. Lexus.

  • Gerald said:

    I did that post on Leopard killing the crocodile…dunno why most guys are saying its fake..the post generated over 18,000 visitors on one day most of them being stumbleupon traffic

  • Pam said:

    Hey Kevin,
    I love your stance on new cars. My husband and I take the same viewpoint. I own a 97 Honda CRV and because of its reliability, husband bought his own in 04. — I have to say that I’m liking the ‘green-ness’ of the Prius …. My eyes are on them! Rumor has it that the roof may have a solar panel which will help run the a/c!!! How awesome is that!?!
    We also share your view in preparing for the future. When we were in our early 20’s, we started putting away money for our future and now 20 years later are doing all right! You’ve definitely got the right idea! Keep it going and you’ll be fine!