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China Week: Investing In The Chinese Currency And Finding Investment Experts To Follow

19 August 2008 No Comment

In continuing our week of looking at investing in China, today we will look at the China’s currency, the yuan. With the dollar extremely weak against other currencies these days, it may be wise for investors to look for alternate currencies to both maintain purchasing power and to earn a nice return. Let’s see if the Chinese Yuan is a good option for investors.

As a 20-something investor, I am no financial expert. In fact, instead of trying to become an expert analyst or expert researching when it comes to finding investments, I use more of my energy attempting to find the right people to listen to and take advice from. One of those people that I listen to and whose advice I take is Jim Rogers. One of Jim Rogers’ favorite investments right now is the Chinese currency, the Yuan or Renmimbi. Take a look at the following video.

If you watched the entire video, you saw Jim Rogers state at the end of the video that he thinks the Chinese Yuan is his top pick for an investment right now. He says it has a fantastic future.

One of the main points of this post is to show you one of the top people I follow for investment advice. Jim Rogers has an incredible track record and starting putting a large chunk of his money into commodities well before the media turned its focus towards oil, gold and other commodities. Furthermore, he has been shorting financial institutions with vigor making a killing while doing it. For the record, he is very bearish on the U.S. economy and stock market.

Another interesting side note of Rogers is the fact that he now lives abroad and has a full time nanny for his young daughter that only speaks Mandarin to his daughter. He wants his daughter to learn both English and Mandarin because he thinks the coming century belongs to China. While part of me hopes he might be wrong, I have a hard time disagreeing with him. Can you make an argument against him?

An Easy Way To Invest In The Chinese Yuan

In a previous post, I talked about a position I took up in the Chinese Yuan ETF (CYB). This is a simple way to get some exposure to the Chinese currency. Check it out.

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