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Blogging Tip: Leverage Google Adsense With Feedburner

26 August 2008 One Comment

For those trying to earn a second income through blogging, I have another blogging tip I wish to relay to you. Most bloggers use Feedburner to broadcast their feeds to their subscribers.

Since Google purchased Feedburner, I have been waiting for an easy way to fire up adsense ads on my feeds. Well, now you can. If you already have both a Google Adsense account and a Feedburner account, all you need to do is send an email to adsense-support-aff@google.com. Be sure to tell them your Feedburner account user name and your email address you use to sign in to your Google Adsense account.

Google will respond back to you and let you know when your account is migrated. Then you can login to Google Adsense and setup your ads for your Feed.

Finally an easy way to monetize a big portion of any blog’s audience, their RSS subscribers.

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  • FFB said:

    One problem with the migrated service is you lose your site stats on Feedburner. I used to be able to see who was visiting but that option no longer works. Also, since migrating my feed counts have been all over the place.

    I do have ads in my feeds now. Haven’t done much but they are there.

    Eventually everyone will probably be migrated over. Hopefully Google will have all of the old options set up by then.