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Does The Stock Market Scare You? Put Your Money Towards a Guaranteed Return…Your Mortgage

2 September 2008 4 Comments

I have put a great deal of thought into the debate of paying down your mortgage vs. investing your money for a potential higher return. The result is that there is no blanket correct answer for the debate. Depending on your financial circumstances, your tolerance for risk and your goals, one may be a better option for the other. For the crowd that wants a guaranteed return on your money plus the wonderful piece of mind of having your home paid off, I would recommend focusing on paying off your mortgage.

Now the question remains, what is the best way to pay off your mortgage? Extra payments? Re-financing? I had the privilege of viewing a presentation regarding a unique and effective way to pay off your mortgage extremely quickly. Read on to learn more.

This unique and fantastic approach to paying off your mortgage is called a Money Merge Account. Through this approach, you can utilize a system that attempts to optimize and maximize your income, expenses and debt in order to pay off your debt as quickly as possible.

The presenter did a quick analysis on my financial situation, including basic information about my income, monthly expenses and mortgage payment. Their system generated a result stating that I could pay off my 30 year mortgage in just 8.8 years. Pretty incredible.

One criticism of such a system is typically that it doesn’t take into account surprise expenses like a medical emergency. This is true, but the system will “re-optimize” based on as you go numbers, not simply a one time projected path. Plus, to counter that scenario, the system also doesn’t take into account a rise in income, so if your income rises slightly, you might be able to pay off your mortgage even faster.

I would definitely encourage anyone with a mortgage to go to http://cutitby20.com and find out if this system is a possible option for you and your financial future. It might not be for everybody, but it is very hard to argue with the thought of having your home paid off free and clear. Thousands of people are having success with this program. Go see if it makes sense for you.


  • hank said:

    I think you hit it on the head with: “Depending on your financial circumstances, your tolerance for risk and your goals, one may be a better option for the other.”

    It’s up to the person with the mortgage, I find that putting money elsewhere AND paying a bit more on my mortgage hits both pieces a bit. In 10 years I’ll let you know which one worked out better. 😉

  • Esme Fisher said:

    oh i love to invest on the stock market but it is really risky these days~”:

  • Floating Shelves  said:

    sotck market investments are great specially if you know what you are doing and not just speculating about the stocks“,

  • Letter Tray : said:

    i would love to invest in stock market if i had only the money that i need to buy stocks-,.