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We’re Giving Away $250 To A 20s Money Reader

2 September 2008 56 Comments

Would $250 help you kick start your savings, investing or just help out with expenses? It’s time for us to give away some of the money that this blog has been earning to a 20s Money reader as a thank you for helping this blog get off the ground over the last 5 months. See below to see how to enter your name to win the $250!

The money is real and the contest is easy. Just enter your name into the contest through one of the following ways:

1. RSS Subscribe To 20s Money – 3 Entries

Click here to subscribe to 20s Money content. Get the content from this blog delivered straight to you without having to get on the web.

2. Stumble This Page – 2 Entries

If you are a StumbleUpon user, give this page a thumbs up and earn more entries!

***Bonus: Earn another 2 entries by adding me as a friend on StumbleUpon. Go to http://20smoney.stumbleupon.com!

3. Write A Blog Post About This Contest – 5 Entries

If you write a short post talking about this contest and linking to this page, you can earn 5 entries! Be sure to leave a comment on this post with the URL of your post.

***Bonus: If the winner participates in this option, I will write a review about your blog and send some traffic your way!

4. Leave A Comment Telling Me About What Content You’d Like To See On This Blog – 1 Entry

I’m looking for feedback on what topics you want written about here at 20s Money. Leave a comment with your thoughts and earn another entry to the contest.

5. Goto SmallBlogging.com And Signup For the Email List – 3 Entries

Check out my other site and signup for the free email list. You will get a free email course about how to use a blog to build your business. Check it out.

6. Get a Bonus 4 Entries For Completing All of the Above – 4 Entries

If you do all of the above for the 16 total entries, I will throw in an additional 4 entries for a total of 20 entries into this contest!


We want to help you out as your pursue your financial goals. Instead of giving away an ipod or some piece of crap, we want to give you money that can impact your budget and savings. The $250 will be in the form of an American Express gift card.

The deadline to enter is 11:59 PM EST on September 21st.

Winner will be drawn randomly. Odds are based on how many people enter the contest. If few people enter and you do everything to get 20 entries, you have a great chance of winning $250!


  • hank said:

    Sign me up! RSS’d; friended on SU; Thumbed up; blog post coming shortly (even a little review I’ve been sitting in the wings); commenting that I’d like to see more personal posts based on your area/family/past financial issues, how you resolved them; signed up for the SmallBlogging email list; best of luck! Good contest!

  • Scott @ The Passive Dad said:

    Sounds like a great contest. Did you find a vendor who waves the fee for an amex card? I recall my wife purchased one at the store and the fee was $5. You could also just send $250 via paypal.

    Would be interested in seeing posts about saving for your first house, car, vacation etc. Many young adults out of college with first job will face these types of financial decisions.

    I subscribed via RSS and added you as a Stumble friend.

  • m.dinesh said:

    Thank you for the contest.
    I Subscribed to the yahoomail using the same mail used to comment.

    Stumbled the contest post

    Made yo as my friend in stumble upon.

    Wrote the blog post here


    I dont know much about money making online.
    The only thing that i know about money making is affiliate marketing.
    Presently I am learning how to make money from it, I dint experiment it since i dint have that much money for spending on adwords. Presently I am gathering some tips.
    So if you can, please write some killer tips on affiliate marketing.

    Subscribed to the smallblogging blog with the same email.

    So if i am right and did all the things, extra 4 entries.
    Hope I will win the contest.

    Thank you for the contest.

  • Activist said:

    Have subscribed to your RSS and here’s my blog post:


  • Prime Time Money said:

    I’d like to see a post about where a person in their 20s should be financially by the time they hit 30. Sort of a “what to aim for” post.



  • celticbuffy said:

    I a new subscriber to your RSS feed. Count me in, I love contests!

  • celticbuffy said:

    I just subscribed. Count me in.

  • FFB said:

    I’ve stumbled and subscribed to your RSS.

    I’d like to see ways that 20’s can actually go about saving. It’s nice to say how important it is but it’s tough to do in your 20’s.


  • FFB said:

    And I have you as a friend in Stumble Upon!


  • ReddH said:

    Hi there!

    I just subscribed to your RSS Feed and am enjoying reading some back articles.
    I’d love to see a post on handy advice to increase Affiliate Marketing revenue on blogs, since it seems you have had some success with that!

  • GG @ This Writer's Wallet said:

    1. I’ve subscribed to your RSS.
    2. I gave you a thumbs up on Stumble Upon.
    3. I wrote a blog post about the contest: http://www.thiswriterswallet.com/2008/09/04/one-contest-down-but-heres-another/
    4. I’d love to see personal stories, mixed with tips/advice. I’d also love practical, tangible advice on earning income with my blog (great idea from the last commenter!)

    Here’s hoping I win!

  • theWild1 said:

    Always interesting to see how many people finally take the time to comment when free stuff is on the line.

  • Shell said:

    Subscribed! Your blog looks great! Thanks for offering this :)

  • Klaus said:

    just subscribed. count me in.
    I would really like to see articles about starting small into investing, and how to do it while you still try to pay off some credit card debt

  • Dusty said:

    Subscribed to 20sMoney, stumbled and added you as a friend (thecreativehand), blogged about it here, and subscribed to smallblogging.com

    I would like to learn about the process that you go through when thinking of ideas for posts (and/or starting new businesses).

    That should cover everything!

  • Jackie said:

    I subscribed and posted on my blog for you. I would love to see personal experiences…deals on checking accounts and cds

  • kate said:

    did both the rss and the stumbleupon :)

    would like to see more on making money online :) just started learning and i’m really amazed at all the options. I’m a bit scared because there are also a lot of fake or malicious tips…

    anyway, thanks for this contest! hope i win so it can add up to my computer fund :)

  • Patrick said:

    Subscribed, stumbled, and added as SU friend. :)

    As for future content, I always enjoy career based articles geared toward younger folks. Job situations can have a huge impact on financials.

  • Wess Stewart said:

    I’ve subscribed, stumbled, added you as a friend on SU, written a blog post:


    also, I would like to see some articles about getting your spouse to help with financial tweaking, rather than just thinking you are a penny-nazi…advice on this would help…

    signed up at smallblogging (waiting for the confirmation email…seems to be taking a while), and that would be every method of entry.

    I only posted on one of my blogs. Is there a one blog limit?

  • Abby said:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’ve blogged about it and signed up for your RSS feed.

  • Roxie said:

    I would like to see some book reviews of Suze Orman’s books… ESPECIALLY “THE MONEY BOOK FOR THE YOUNG, FABULOUS, AND BROKE.” (I think that’s the bible when it comes to getting yourself going financially in your twenties).

  • BBx said:

    Subscribed – 3 Entries

    Stumbled – 2 Entries
    Added you as a friend on SU
    ID: bunnybox9
    ***Bonus:2 entries

    Blogged – 5 Entries

    I like the articles in your Lifestyle section. Could keep up the good work at those :) – 1 Entry

    Signed up at SmallBlogging.com – 3 Entries

    Completed ALL – 4 Entries

    Total of 20!
    Thanks :))

  • Sarah said:

    I subscribed to your RSS fee. Keep up the great posts!

  • marybeth i. said:

    1. RSS Subscribe To 20s Money – 3 Entries.

    3. Write A Blog Post About This Contest – 5 Entries

    5. Goto SmallBlogging.com And Signup For the Email List – 3 Entries

    11 entires for me! My blog is misaacmom.blogspot.com

  • TDub said:

    Stumbled this page (tcbpdq.stumbleupon.com)
    Subscribed to RSS feed.
    5 entries.

  • Darwin*Vesting said:

    I blogged about it! 5 entries.
    Thanks and good luck.
    Darwin’s Finance


  • Broke Grad Student said:

    Awesome contest.

    I’d like to see an article with tips and advice for recent college graduates.

    I’ve completed all of the entry methods, including sharing this contest at my blog.


  • David said:

    I subscribed by reader and wrote a blog post about your contest here: http://20smoney.com/2008/09/02/were-giving-away-250-to-a-20s-money-reader/

  • Sakura said:

    Here’s what I’d like to see more:
    A list of schemes on how to build up money fast 😀

    Just to let you know I did everything on the list

  • Sakura said:

    Hm I don’t see my comment about linking my blog post
    Oh well here it is again

  • Louis Liem said:

    subscribed, posted here: http://www.homebiz.bukiki.com/one-time-contest-250-from-20moneycom/, stumbled and friend added as blueinferno2001.

    What I want to see in the blog is reviews on social networks and which one works best for what kind of content.

    subscribed to smallblogging.com

    those make 20 points :)

    thank you

  • Kayleigh said:

    Subscribed to your feed!

    I would love to know how to balance saving for my retirement and my husband’s. My husband is 10 years older than me, and theoretically will be retiring much sooner than I will. I want to make sure that when it is my turn to stop working, I will really be able to. Retiring at the same time as him would be nice too, of course.

  • Alan said:

    Subscribed to feed through Google Reader. Great blog! I would like to continue to see more stock tips on the blog. Also, you recommend saving, so why not provide a section where savings links can be shared (e.g. ING referral links)!

  • rebel said:

    I have done all but the small blogging.com. It appears that the button to submit my email address is broken.

    This isa great site here. I read several articles and like your approach. Since you are young and probably fairly recently married, you might want to address some content towards planning to get married or topics related to that. I am sure many 20 year olds would be interested in that. I look forward to reading more of your writings.

  • John C. King said:

    I subscribed. This should make it four entries. 😀 I’d like to see you write about Target-date retirement funds. I’m thinking about having one in my 401(k) and my Roth IRA.

  • Zombie Money said:

    Hello. I would like to read stories on how to save money/being frugal also more on stock tips :)

  • David said:

    When are the winners going to be announced?

  • Sherry said:

    how sad I miss out this great contest. :)

  • Wess Stewart said:

    We are all shivering with anticp……..


  • Calee said:

    I subscribed to your RSS feed and stumbled you. As for the site, I’d love to see a break down on when to take out student loans for grad school. I paid the 1st semester out of pocket, but is there a better way to use my cash?

  • Wess Stewart said:

    Happy new year! I didn’t miss the contest winner announcement, did I?

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