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Blogging Income For August: $498.29

3 September 2008 6 Comments

It’s time to wrap up another month with the blog and it was a successful one in terms of income. I surpassed last month’s income by over $300. I’m pumped! Check out how the income is broken down into various sources.

Google Adsense $12.76

In-Text Advertising $5.33

Text Link Ads $11.20

Private Advertisements $350.00

Affiliate Programs $99.00

Paid Content $20.00

Total Blogging Income: $498.29

As you can tell this is by far my best month in terms of blog monetization. It is exciting to see some of the hard work pay off. While I just about hit my monthly goal of generating $500 a month in additional income this month, most of the money came from a single private advertisement for $350. Unless this begins to become more consistent, I am still a ways away from generating a consistent $500 a month.

Also worth noting is my Adsense income has definitely dropped off.  I am trying to find ways to get that back up.  If you have any thoughts or advice, send them my way!

In order to run this blog, I use Dreamhost. It is the easiest and most cost effective hosting I have found to run a WordPress blog. You can get your own blog up and running with no technical expertise required.

I also use Aweber to manage email list subscriptions. They have a fantastic service and no blog is complete without them.

Stay tuned to 20s Money to watch my my progress in my journey to build $500 in additional monthly income. How would your life change if you added $500 to your monthly budget? How would your savings or investing change if you had that extra money each month? Would you be able to get out of debt faster?


  • torbjorn rive said:

    nice one. well done on getting closer to your goals.

    oh ya, and on the little girl too. you must be severely excited.

  • Sean said:

    Damn, those are some seriously impressive numbers. Way up from last month. Fortunately you picked a blog niche that has great potential for monetization…I don’t think I’ll ever be able to make much money with my blog, but then again that’s not really the reason I’m doing it. What are your “private advertisements”?

  • theWild1 said:

    Not sure if you have tried this or not:

    If your hosting uses Cpanel, then it should have a free service called Dada. Basically it is a free version of aweber.

  • kevin duffey said:

    Somebody asked me what my expenses were this month to get a better picture. Well, I use Aweber which is $19 a month and I use Dreamhost to host my site. Dreamhost is $95 a year I believe, so if I spread that over 12 months, thats just under $8 a month. So, my expenses are under $27 a month.

    Thanks everybody.

  • Evan said:

    I use apthost to host my blog, I researched the heck out of it to get the cheapest yearly price because I was questioning whether I would keep up on the blogging. I paid $47 for the entire year!

    My blogging income right now is non-existent which is ok, because it is not why I started it – BUT IT WOULD BE NICE! lol