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New 20smoney.com E-Book Released: How To Maximize Your 20s And Start The Pursuit Of Financial Success Today

29 September 2008 3 Comments

Well, I decided to compile all the advice and information that I have accumulated and written about into a single, handy-dandy E-Book. This E-Book aims to be a comprehensive resource for 20-somethings with regards to everything having to do with your finances and money. Saving, budgeting, investing, retirement, real estate, and more are all covered in this E-Book. Continue reading to download the book.

My goal is to help other 20-somethings get their financial life in order and to make significantly progress in their 20s in their pursuit of building wealth. It’s time to start now. It’s time to download the E-Book.

Instructions on how to get the e-book:

1. Input your email address into the below form to subscribe to the 20smoney email list

2. You will be sent a confirmation email, click on the link in the confirmation email.

3. After confirming your subscription, you will be sent the link for you to receive the e-book!

I hope you enjoy and find the E-Book to be beneficial!


  • Matt said:

    How do I get this ebook? I don’t see the email list.