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New 20s Money Series From A New Writer: The Endless Pursuit Of Success

2 October 2008 No Comment

This is the first post in a series from Jason, a new 20smoney writer. Jason is a fellow 20-something with experience on Wall St., day trading, sales and even some entrepreneurial activity. He offers some valuable insight into a variety of pursuits, all from the eyes of a 20-something. His continuing story is both fascinating and a great example of ambition to succeed at a high level. I hope you enjoy learning from his successes, mistakes and overall experiences.

I have known Kevin since middle school and consider him one of my best friends. With regards to finance and business, he has no real education but is one of the smartest people I know and more importantly has been blessed with an incredible writing ability. What does that matter to you? His advice is well based and will absolutely help you if you follow it. For the past several years we have had countless conversations on topics ranging from finance to startups, and I am so pumped he has decided to put it out there for the world to see and learn from.

For these reasons I am truly excited to be a part of 20smoney and really look forward to adding my thoughts. In my column I am going to talk about my journey, my ups and downs (Kevin knows well) and everything in between. I have a feeling most people will relate to me and be able to learn from me.

So, here is just a quick note about myself for you. I have now been a college graduate for over 3.5 years and am on a career path I never pictured myself, doing sales for an online auto auction. Since high school I have been exclusively focused on being in finance, more specifically a stock trader. I ran the investment club at Auburn University, traded my own account, lived and worked with a successful trader and hedge fund manager and entertained and worked with international traders at every major investment bank on Wall Street.

Those things failed me, so now I am at a point in my life where branching out and realizing that creating something new can be more fulfilling and more financially rewarding than a corporate career. This column will follow me through my new ventures and show you how I either succeed or fail (preferably the former)! I hope you enjoy my future articles detailing everything from the stock market, to my start up attempts, to my ups and downs in my career.

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