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20 Books To Read In Your 20s: The Pentagon’s New Map

27 October 2008 5 Comments

The world we live in looks nothing like the world 10, 20 years ago. Globalization, terrorism, worldwide financial markets are all powerful catalysts affecting the direction of our country and our world. The book , The Pentagon’s New Map, is a great explanation of the various forces at work in our world and gives incredible insight into the future political landscape of our world regarding war, peace, global economy and more.

The concepts presented in this book also shed light on potential investments in the future. For example, should you avoid investing in China due to their communist government? This book is an absolute must read for any 20-something looking to gain a better understanding of the forces at work in our world and how America and other countries can truly lead the world.

This book provides the most thoughtful and interesting insight into how we can shape our world in the future. Have you ever thought about how will Islamic terrorism ever end? This book talks about how it could end, and how we can expedite the end of it.

Or how about genocide in Africa? This book also addresses such horrors as genocide. Instead of re-defining foreign policy to take into account a more globalized economy, this book emphasizes that globalization and foreign policy should in fact be one.

Furthermore, ever wonder how we are able to invade a country so easily yet struggle to “police” the country afterwards? Despite the ease with which we blame our current president, the fundamental reason for this goes back to the core values of the American military. The book explains in detail, from an insider perspective, how our military is built for invasion and can do this better than any force in the history of mankind. Being a security or police force for a foreign nation is not what our military has been built to do. The author of this book explains that this stems from the Cold War agenda of fighting a large superpower (Soviet Union) and thus, a new way military approach is necessary for the current world where we are the only superpower.

If you are against the Iraq War, this book might challenge your reasons. If you are for the unilateral pre-emptive strategy that is debated surrounding the Iraq War discussion, this book will also challenge you. Global economic progress should be a priority in tandem with our military moves around the world, and this book explains why.

All 20-somethings need to read this book because you need to understand the world that we live in. Never before have we been more tightly integrated with the rest of the world. Our actions affect those on the other side of the planet. You also need to understand how we got where we are.

You also need to read this book to take advantage of investment opportunities such as emerging markets. This book will help you to understand the other parts of the world and how they are integrated into our world. Overall, this is a fantastic read if you are able to read heavy information type books. Undoubtedly, you will look at our world different after reading this book.


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    This are the kind of books I need to read as a background to my information technology management degree. You are entirely right. In order to fully understand the information technology systems worldwide, first you need to acknowledge social and political reality features that set the path for the humanity evolution. One of these features, of course, is globalization. A strong movement designed to balance human property, potential, protection and productivity.

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