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If I Ran For President…

5 November 2008 One Comment

Today, our country has a new face of the future. This new face is that of Barack Obama. While, I have many reservations about his policies, I remain hopeful that he steers our country into the right direction. If not, 2012 will be here before we know it with a ready challenger. If I were to run for President in 2012, I would run on the following platform.


I would focus a majority of my Presidency getting our country off foreign oil. I would leverage an “all of the above” approach to gaining energy independence. Tapping domestic oil and natural gas would be a priority to get us through the next 20 years. I would move forward with the Picken’s Plan as closely as possible in order to establish a large wind corridor in our country to fuel our electricity grid.

With regards to innovation, I would provide every incentive possible for companies producing new innovative concepts such as a car able to get 100 mpg. Perhaps, the company that produces this car is exempt from paying taxes on the sales of it for 10 years.

Social Security

I would be very unpopular when it comes to social security, but I would tell everyone under 35 years old that you are on your own. Why? Because in 20 years, the social security budget will be as big as the entire Federal budget of today. Tough circumstances call for tough measures.

I would eliminate the bloating of this entitlement program to prevent the future debt load of our nation. To assist retirement, I would incentivize saving over taking out debt. Currently, we are incentivized to take out debt (deduct mortgage interest paid) and are discouraged to save (pay tax on interest earned on our savings). I would reverse this. It’s time our country embraces personal responsibility and savings again.

Also, I would not raise taxes to fund bloating entitlement programs. I would keep taxes low for economic growth.


It seems that we have two options for defense these days; either cut the military budget or grow the budget. I would keep it the same, but force many reforms. For one, our country’s impressive military force is extremely good at one thing and not very good at another. It is incredibly competent when it comes to invasion. It is very incompetent at being a security force. This is not anyone’s fault except that too much of our military strategy is based on the Cold war mentality of fighting another super power.

I would help change our military to be able to handle the 21st century threats which will focus just as much on being a security force as being an invasion force. New thinking plus ample funding would help our military evolve and remain as the top fighting force of the world.


I hope Obama puts good people around him and achieves great things. He talks about energy independence, so I’m hopeful there. I definitely have different views on social security and likely it would be political suicide to kick a group out of social security, although it is probably the only thing that will save it.

Like it or not, Barack Obama is the next President of the United States. If you don’t like it, perhaps, you’ll vote for me in 2012.

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