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Implications Of The Fairness Doctrine

14 November 2008 One Comment

If you follow politics, you know that the Fairness Doctrine is likely to be pushed through sooner rather than later as an attempt to combat the Conservative dominance of talk radio.

I have an intense disgust over this type of legislation since it goes against both free speech and free markets since it is ratings and revenue that determine who is on the radio and when.  If the liberals have a tough time getting big names on talk radio that have a large following, it is either because they are not any good or perhaps, the people who agree with them don’t listen to talk radio.  Either way, its free market forces at work with free speech being exercised.  It is completely outrageous that our government is interfering with this.  Does anyone think this is anything more than a desperate way to combat Conservative dominance in talk radio?  It’s convenient that the doctrine doesn’t apply to television.

Anyways, my opinion is done.  What are the possible implications of this?  One might be an increase in satellite radio subscribers.  Big names like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Neal Boortz might move towards satellite radio since there are more stations and I’m assuming this doesn’t fall under the Fairness doctrine oversight.  Please correct me if I’m wrong.

With satellite radio not doing much more than staying afloat in recent years, this could actually be a nice boost for them that helps them gain more subscribers.

On the flip side, I’d look for radio stations to lose money due to being forced to limit the time of their popular shows and possibly be forced to air less popular shows.  Perhaps, we will see talk radio stations suffer financially similar to newspaper media companies?

I definitely do not like the direction of our government.  This is an absurd policy that is very likely to be implemented in the near future.  Are you paying attention?

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  • Wess Stewart said:

    I’d love to lock Obama and his cronies in a room with Neal Boortz.

    There’s no doubt they will be praying to have the word ‘fairness’ stricken from the English language.

    I pray for that day…Boortz for President!