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How To Go From $0 to $500 In Monthly Side Income In Just Six Months

2 December 2008 4 Comments

I stated several months ago that my goal on this blog was to achieve $500 a month in side income. For the first time since starting the blog back in April, I have achieved consecutive months of $500 in income. I am definitely excited to have reached this goal in only six months. If you originally told me in six months I would have $500 in monthly income from this thing, I would have been thrilled. Now, I’m focused on my next set of goals. Here I will explain how I got to this point, so that perhaps, you can duplicate the process in your life and start earning some nice income on the side!

What Would You Do With An Extra $500 A Month?

What a fun question to answer. Instead of thinking of all the cool stuff you could buy, think about what you could do for your financial health. How much easier would it be to get yourself rid of debt? Would you put $500 into savings each month? How about paying down an extra $500 on your mortgage each month? The options are many.

Launching A Blog

I have said many times on this blog that a blog is the easiest and cheapest way to get a secondary business up and running. For $100 and a few hours of work, you can have your own blog launched. While it takes real work to turn a new blog into a thriving blog, it can definitely be done by anyone.

One of the keys to launching a successful blog is to find a good niche. You need a specific concept to garner success. Try targeting a cross between two categories. For example, 20smoney.com is a cross between financial information (topical) and 20-somethings (age group). Crossing two categories help narrow down your idea. If I were to stick to one category such as finance or a blog for people in their 20s, both are too general. Other examples of categories to mix and match are age group, geographic location, interests or topics, sex (male or female), etc.

Market The Blog

After you have launched your blog, you need to market it very strategically. Find message boards that are related to the topic you are writing about and start posting meaningful information on there with links to your blog.

Another idea is to meet and communicate with other bloggers in your niche. Learn from them and maybe exchange links or guest posts on each other’s blogs. This can help get your name out.

Ways To Get Subscribers

Subscribers are extremely important as they indicate the success and reach of your blog. The more subscribers, the more you will be able to monetize your blog. You need to offer both RSS and Email subscription methods. Use a service like Aweber to manage your email list and then you can integrate it with your feed count using Feedburner. This will help boost your count.

You need to offer some kind of incentive to join your list such as a free report or free tutorial on something. I have a free report out, and am about to come out with a second one in the next few days! This has been a very successful method for me

Continuing Producing Quality Content

This is a given, but must be stated. You need to continue producing quality content. Choose quality over quantity. One or two fantastic pieces of content is way better than mediocre stuff every single day.

Contacting You

Make it easy to contact you so that anybody interested in advertising on your blog can get a hold of you. My blog income increased drastically when I began getting private advertising deals. This is the way to really get the income going.

My Next Goals

My next goals which I will talk about in more detail in a coming “State of the Union” like post on my blog, are several. My next income goal is $1000 a month. I also want to get my subscribers above the 1000 mark and my daily unique visitors in the 750-1000 range. If I can hit these goals, more monetization strategies will come into play which I am waiting to implement.

If You Need Help…

I can honestly say that I would love to help you get your blog going. I do not charge for any assistance because I just like doing it. Read my other articles on blogging on here and if you have any other questions, send me an email. I would love to help hundreds of other 20-somethings get their blogs up and running to where they are making more income.

Trust me, this is easy and you can do it even if you have no technical experience. Let me know if I can provide any future posts on specific topics that might help you or if you have specific questions, I will answer them the best I can. Good luck.


  • Ali said:

    Great post. It’s important, however, to start your blog for the sake of doing it, not just for the sake of money. If your only goal is money – you probably will give up the moment your blog seems only mediocre. Blogging can be pretty fun if you give it the time needed.

  • kevin duffey said:


    You make a good point. I started this blog for two reasons. One, I needed an outlet for my energy and thoughts and ideas. And two, I wanted to take a shot at creating a secondary income stream.

    It now serves both purposes. I enjoy blogging and I appreciate the extra income.


  • doctor S said:

    I def agree with the blog idea, but where is the $500 coming from? Id love to hear some thoughts on that as well as some critique of my work. Blogging is a tough thing to stay on top of, I have my good weeks and off weeks but I am stil going strong for 6 months now. Very rewarding.

  • Broke Grad Student said:

    Congrats on reaching your goal. I reached the same goal, but it took me 9 months to get there.

    One thing I’d add to your great tips is perseverance. During the first 8 months, my blog averaged less than 3,000 visitors per month. In the past 5 months, it has averaged over 24,000 visitors per month.