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A 20-Something Investor’s Christmas Wish List

4 December 2008 One Comment

Christmas is coming and what a great time of year it is.  While I could tell you all the fun gifts I would love this year like an iPod touch, a new Macbook and a brick paver patio, I am going to tell you what me as an investor wishes for this year.  Here is my Investor’s Christmas Wish List…


Just like the major retailers have been slashing prices to attract buyers to their useless items this holiday season, I am hoping for more slashed prices on my favorite stocks!  Why?  Because I want to buy more, even on the ones I already own, and I don’t care about short term performance!

Apple: Easily my favorite company and one of my favorite stocks.  I hope that recession fears and consumer fears continue to drive this price lower so that I can buy more of this amazing company at even lower prices!  I’ve already picked up shares under $100, and now I want some shares under $80.  Some people think it will happen and others don’t.  I think Apple’s earnings in January will be an upside surprise, so it might have to occur before then.

Philip Morris Int’l: I have missed out on some serious buying opportunities already with this stock as the stock has dipped down to the low $30’s.  I wasn’t ready to buy, but I will definitely be ready next time the market pulls this guy down.  A strong dollar in recent months has this stock going lower and I hope this continues, because I am extremely bearish on the dollar over the long term.  The strong dividend, healthy balance sheet, the consistency in raising dividend yield and buying back stock and the consistent demand around the world make this a winner!

China: I am very bullish on China long term and want to pick up more shares of my China ETFs such as FXI.  The Chinese market has definitely gone bust from its ridiculous highs but the long term story is very much in tact.  When China transitions to have higher domestic consumption to where they are not as dependent on the United States, they will only get stronger.

New Economic Policies

This is a stretch, but hey, this is my wish list, right?  I hope this season for a new direction in our economic policy.  Instead of constantly incentivizing high levels or risk and high levels of debt, I wish our leaders would put an end to bail outs, start rewarding responsible citizens, and stop encouraging debt-financed consumption because it is what keeps our country growing.  Instead, I wish they would say we are going to accept this recession because we got ourselves into it, and we are going to refocus our economic energy to create a long term, heealthy economy not based on consumption but based on production.

This would create the foundation for an economy that would lead to prosperity for low income and high income earners for years to come instead of emphasizing government handouts, class warfare and extreme regulation.  I wish that our government would get the hell out of the way!  Laura Rowley had a good article today on rewarding the responsible.  Take a look at how highly rated the article was, shows the overall reaction of the public to the current bailout-focused policies.

Merry Christmas

No matter what is happening in the economy, realize that money doesn’t create happiness.  Enjoy your families and those close to you because that is where true enjoyment and joy can come from.  Work hard, be thankful for what you have, because even the poor in America are rich when compared to a most of the world’s population.

Oh yeah, and don’t go into debt buying useless gifts that are going to be outdated in 6 months.  Merry Christmas!

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