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Blogging Tip: Write In Advance, Manage Your Time

11 December 2008 One Comment

I frequently talk about blogging because I think it is a very real and easy way for anybody to earn a little extra income on the side. As I learn more and more about blogging as this blog continues, I aim to forward on my experiences to those who might be trying to do what I’m doing: make more money on the side through a blog.

My blogging tip today is about writing in advance so you can more effectively manage your time. The reality is that most people say they do not have enough time in their schedule to work at a side income stream. This may or may not be the case, but in either case, managing your time more effectively is paramount if you wish to pursue additional income streams.

A great feature of WordPress allows you to write your posts for your blog in advance and then schedule a publish date in the future. WordPress will automatically post your prewritten article on the publish date and time already set as if you just wrote the post.

Have a busy schedule this week? Write a few articles on Sunday and schedule WordPress to publish your posts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can make it look like you are always constantly updating your blog which is crucial for a successful blog. I use this feature extensively. It allows me to work hard for an hour or two, pump out some strong content, and then focus on other responsibilities for a few days or the rest of the week.

Also, this feature will let you effectively manage your time between this income stream and your career. Find an hour or two on the weekend in the morning to work on your blog, then focus on your career Monday through Friday.

It is possible to manage your time between multiple pursuits. This feature of WordPress
will help you do it. Look into it!

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