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20 Books To Read In Your 20s: Little Book Of Bull Moves In Bear Markets

18 December 2008 2 Comments

My favorite financial expert of 2008 is definitely Peter Schiff.  If you haven’t seen the Peter Schiff was right video, then you are missing an amazing compilation of incredible predictions.  Watch the video, then buy this book because the video gives amazing credibility to Peter Schiff’s vision and predictions.

His latest book entitled The Little Book Of Bull Moves In Bear Markets talks about the current economic environment, how we got here, and most importantly, how to profit from the current situation and the coming situation.

Peter goes into great detail in his specific action steps to take in order to prepare for the coming economic environment.  Gold, foreign stocks, commodities and foreign currencies are all recommended.  But, what percentage of your money should go into each asset class?  And, when it comes to gold, should I buy physical gold, gold ETFs or gold mining stocks?  Again, Peter goes into clear detail what percentage of your portfolio should be in gold, and of that chunk of your portfolio, how to break it down further into physical gold, digital gold and gold stocks.

This is a can’t miss read for anybody interested in getting real financial and investing advice from someone with a proven track record of understanding the economy and where we are headed.  Take action now in order to not only prepare for potential economic hardship but profit from it when the majority of the public will be caught unprepared.  You have the opportunity to get ahead of the game.  This book will help you do it.


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    Can a people really predict the economy crisis?That's amazing if he can,but if everyone knows this,no one can benefit from it,see the stock market

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    this is just great