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End Of The Year Reading Assignments

30 December 2008 No Comment

As the year comes to a close, here is some of the stuff that I have read and found interesting.  I thought I’d pass these links along to you.

China positioning the Yuan to be an International Currency – This is important for any American as the dollar is likely to lose some of its shine internationally in the coming years.

Inflation to be the legacy of our bailout addiction – Like I’ve been pushing for a while now, I believe inflation will be the only thing left after our current economic messes shake out. I’m a gold buyer.

Interesting piece on the status changes across the world – China’s status went higher in 2008 especially with the spectacular Olympics. America’s economic image definitely took a beating. Will 2008 mark the start of the decoupling scenario? I believe so.

Worst Predictions of 2008 – Both sad and comical.

The Monetary Base has skyrocketed like never before – Can you say inflation?

Happy New Year everybody!  Don’t drink on drive on New Years Eve!

Here’s to an amazing 2009 with loads of new opportunities in the business world, the stock market and in our personal lives.  I don’t know about you, but I’m going to have one hell of a 2009.  Take care.

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