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CONTEST! We Are Giving Away $250 Worth Of GOLD! Easy Entry Only Takes Seconds!

7 January 2009 29 Comments

It’s time for another contest here at 20smoney.com and I have decided to push one of biggest pieces of investing advice: Investing in Gold.  In order to push this concept, I am going to give away some gold.  You can enter this contest for free and it only takes seconds.  The winner will get $250 of gold!


Entering the contest is easy.  You can enter the following ways:

1.  RSS Subscribe to 20smoney.com – 2 Entries

If you are already RSS subscribed, let me know, I will check and give you the entries. Click here to subscribe to the RSS feed.

2.  Subscribe to the Email List – 3 Entries

If you are already subscribed to the email list, provide your email address and I will verify. Click here to join the email list.

3.  Write a blog post about this contest (link to this post) – 5 Entries

Send me the link for the post!  The post that refers the most visitors to my site will get a bonus 5 Entries!

4.  Write a guest post for my blog detailing the best investment for 2009 and why – 3 Entries

If you have a blog, please include a link to your blog.  I will select the best few guest posts (based on your reasons why you think it is the best investment) and post them on my blog regardless if the author of the posts wins the contest or not.  Everyone who provides a guest post will get the 3 entries regardless if I pick your post or not.  Must be at least 150 words.

5.  Leave a comment on this post answering the following question: Why do you visit 20smoney.com? – 1 Entry

6.  Perform all contest entry methods and you will get an extra 5 entries!

After you perform the various entry methods, email Kevin (at) 20smoney.com detailing your entries (I will verify entries, if you say you did something that you didn’t, you will be disqualified).  Include your first name and city you are from.


As I mentioned above, I believe in investing in gold, especially given the recent actions of the U.S. government (and governments around the globe).  Gold has been money for thousands of years and it will never go to zero (unlike fiat currencies).

To encourage this investment, I am giving away $250 worth of gold.  Am I sending you a physical chunk of gold worth that much money?  No.  I am going to provide you an account in GoldMoney.com with a value of $250 USD.  Read below for more information on GoldMoney.com.


GoldMoney provides thousands of customers with a useful, secure and affordable way to buy and hold gold and silver. In addition, GoldMoney’s patented payment system modernizes gold’s oldest, most valuable feature: its use as money.

GoldMoney allows you to deposit money and buy silver and gold using that money.  Your account value is kept in the value of whatever metal you purchase.  For example, your account value will be 200 goldgrams.  The dollar value of that depends on whatever the current price of gold is in dollars.  This means that your money in your GoldMoney account will not be affected by inflation.

Also, GoldMoney allows you to make online purchases in gold.  Their patented system allows you to purchase goods online through gold.  If fiat currencies continue to decline and even fail, I predict you will see many individuals and institutions begin to use this system.  There is no system like it when it comes to using gold to buy goods.


For all participants in the contest, if you do not win the account worth $250, you will have an opportunity to get a special offer if you wish to pursue investing in gold.  This offer will be revealed at the end of the contest only to those who participate.


  • Alan said:

    Thanks for this opportunity!

    I read 20smoney for the insights into the economy and discussions regarding investing. Keep up the great work!

  • The weakonomist said:

    I’ve added you to my igoogle feeds now. I read the site because you cover topics that just don’t really fit the scope of my blog.

    I’m not afraid to disagree on the merits of gold as an investment, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to win the contest.

  • Casey said:

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    I tend to visit your blog to get a different view on things. Most of the blogs I read have a different flavor than yours, so I find you provide a little something else to my daily reading.

  • Calee said:

    I’ve been subscribing via google for a while now.

    Also- I read your blog because, well, I’m a freelancer in my 20s and am tired of worrying about money. Sometimes what I read adds to my stress, but I think I’m moving in a good direction.

  • Jaime said:

    I subscribe to 20smoney because I’m in my mid 20’s, just recently joined the financial job market, concerned about my finances and find many of the posts to be informative without talking down to those clueless about money.

  • Jackie said:

    I am already subcribed to your feed 🙂

  • Jackie said:

    I subscribed to your email list

  • The Impecunious Investor said:

    I subscribe to 20smoney.com because you provide frequent, quality information that is a bit different on the whole from a lot of the other PF blogs I read. More about investing and making money than frugality. I also like the specific demographic, as I’m in it!

  • Jackie said:

    I visit 20s money daily because I love the topics you write about! and I am in my 20s!

  • Adam said:

    I subscribed to your feed, email list and I visit your blog daily to read about the investment tips. Thanks!

  • Robert said:

    I read 20smoney because I’m about to graduate college and start earning and managing my own money!

    I subscribe to your feed already.


  • stephanie said:

    I read 20smoney because I’m extremely interested in personal finance and find very little geared toward those of us who are younger. I don’t always agree with what you write, but its nice to find other sites geared toward younger people, who may have different goals than those in their 30s and 40s.

    And I’ve been a subscriber to your feed and on your email list for a few months now.

  • brad said:

    I’m an RSS subscriber to your blog and visit this site to get a REALISTIC view of the current economic and investing conditions, not the rehash of the past 75 years worth of market data that many other sites provide.

  • stephanie said:

    You’re linked to in my most recent post.

  • torbjorn rive said:

    I’m shorting gold!

    (DZZ) – a two month hold.

  • kevin duffey said:


    I coulda guessed that kind of response from you! ha…

    you’re more of a trader than me…. as for the long term potential of gold… ill just point to the following:




    Good luck. If gold goes down short term, I’ll buy more!

  • torbjorn said:

    ha. fair enough…not implying gold’s not a good investment, but it’ll certainly have its up and downs before going anywhere. Maybe. It could keep rallying!

    – just needed to throw in my 0.025 cents!

  • The Impecunious Investor said:

    Hey Kevin when does this contest end?

  • The Impecunious Investor said:

    I’m curious Kevin – do you hold gold through a combination of ETFs, GoldMoney.com, and other vehicles?

  • Silvia said:

    I just found this site today and it is what I’ve been searching for–a finance site with advice for my age group. I read a few articles, they seem interesting so far. I like your writing style.

    Isn’t this a bad time to buy gold though? I don’t really know much except gold prices are really high. My plan is to buy as many stocks as I can now and buy gold if stocks go up again. Does my plan make sense? I’m pretty new at this investing stuff.

  • Wess Stewart said:

    Hmm…I never saw a winners post from the last contest…

    I may do this one, but now I’m skeptical. Is there a post for the winners of the last one?

  • Kevin said:

    Contest will go til end of January.

    Winner for the last one was notified. I’ll do an actual post for this one. If you’re skeptical, you don’t have to enter!

    As for gold, I hold gold mining stocks, gold ETF: GLD, and I’m looking to get into physical gold and GoldMoney.com.

  • Nick Waters said:

    I visit 20smoney because it is written by someone in my age group, for someone in my age group, and doesn’t consist of the generic personal finance topics found elsewhere on the web.

    One question for you though, Kevin. What happens to 20smoney when you are no longer in your 20’s?

  • Morp said:

    I visit 20’s Money because I find the articles very helpful for learning more about investing and personal finance.

    I’m also a RSS subscriber.


  • pascal said:

    Why do I read it?

    Because I’m in my 20s!!!

  • Robby said:

    I visit 20’s Money because of the way it is written. It is written for 20 somethings by a 20 something and is very easy to relate to and understand.

    My favorite articles on 20s Money are the ones relating to building a second income stream.

    20s Money has played a role in my start up of a secondary income, and I have found it to be a great tool for instruction and implementation.


  • Michael said:

    I just found this site today, it looks like a great resource for me. I’ve subscribed via RSS.