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What Is Your Dream Job?

26 January 2009 2 Comments

It seems silly to talk about dream jobs when most people are just trying to hang on to their jobs these days, but I disagree. I believe it is always important to continue to focus on the job you want even if you don’t have it yet. Let’s look at some ways to determine realistic dream jobs, and I’ll provide some insight into my dream jobs.

First, how do you determine a dream job? I like to use the following exercise…Your dream job should be a combination of the following factors:

  1. You must be good at what you do
  2. You must be able to make money by doing what you do
  3. You should enjoy what you do

If you hit 2 out of 3, it doesn’t work. Let me illustrate with a few examples. First, let’s consider making a living watching TV. I’m good at it, and I enjoy it, but I can’t make money by doing it; therefore, not a candidate. Next, let’s consider going pro playing baseball. I can make money doing it (lots) and I enjoy it, but compared to many others, I’m not good at it.

Try this exercise out for yourself with some of your entrepreneurial ideas or employment opportunities.

Let’s look at two “dream jobs” that I hope to pursue.

My Dream Job #1: Run/Own A Software Company

This dream job passes all three of the above criteria for me. I’m good at it, I can make money at it, and I actually enjoy it. Now, how am I pursuing this? Well, I am currently developing a very nice software product at my current job where I hope to possibly grow a business out of it. There is a huge demand for the software in other companies like ours and I plan to test the waters in the near future.

My Dream Job #2: Run An Investment Firm

My other dream job would be to manage other’s money. While I’m decent at it currently, I need to improve. Also, more importantly, I need an impressive track record. I plan to track my investment performance for the coming years while gaining valuable experience. This blog is an instrumental tool in this pursuit. Also, establishing relationships with potential investors is also something to be pursued in the coming years.

Your Current Situation

It’s easy to forget about your dream jobs and get lost in the mundane day to day tasks of your current situation. I encourage you to stay focused on your current job without losing sight of the potential down the road.

Determine what some of your realistic dream jobs might be then figure out how your current job can help you reach that goal of working your dream job. There are opportunities everywhere, sometimes it just takes you looking a little harder for them.

Do you have a dream job? Add your comment below and let me know how you are pursuing it.


  • the weakonomist said:

    Dream Job #1 Fee-Only Financial Planner – Charge 1% of assets to manage the wealth of individuals with complicated financial situations.

    Dream Job #2 Dean of a small public university on the east coast.

    Dream job #3 Own 20 bars in beach towns down the coast of the southeast. This is simply a dream, but I’m having fun with this…

    I am working my way towards #1, but the other two are “in another lifetime” kind of things.

  • James said:

    Im with you I want to mangage other people’s money, and its definately a dream job. Im going to school for that now and hopefully I will be able to do that when I graduate.