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Follow Me On Twitter!

9 May 2009 3 Comments

I’ve always been intrigued with Twitter, but just recently decided it should be a larger part of my blog/business plans that I thought before.   I will be providing updates throughout each day on my stock market thoughts as well as other financial topics.  To get my “Tweets”, you need to “Follow” me on Twitter.

You can follow me by going to http://www.twitter.com/20smoney. Follow me, then submit a comment to this post and I will then follow you!


  • Alan S said:

    I’m following you now on Twitter!


  • Emily said:

    I tried to follow you on twitter but it wasn’t working! Did you change your twitter name? I’m at @emilynow

  • Zakopane Kościelisko said:

    This article needs a pie chart