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Twitter vs Facebook

9 July 2009 2 Comments

Twitter is definitely one of the hottest technologies out there today.  Pro athletes, TV shows, media individuals and every average Joe seems to be on Twitter.  So, where does that leave Facebook, which is definitely used for Tweet-like communication as well?For me, it seems that I use Twitter for a bunch of people I don’t know personally, and I use Facebook for everyone that I DO know.  Very interesting distinction and I wonder how many of you out there have a similar distinction?

My twitter followers and people I follow are random people based on interests where Facebook is based on relationships and people I know or used to know well.  Perhaps, this is because my Facebook account is a few years old and it started strictly based on the network I already had in life.

There are some cool tools out there such as Su.pr by StumbleUpon where you can make posts to both your Twitter and Facebook account simultaneously.  This is very handy for those of us who use both services.  I recommend checking it out.

As for Facebook, I’m in the crowd that is not a believer in Facebook as a profit generating service.  Sure they can generate some level of advertising but nothing near the level needed to justify rumored valuations in the multi-billion dollar range.  Facebook is and will be restrained by the walls of their own network, and sooner or later more and more competition will continue to eat away at their advantages (perhaps Twitter being one of them).  I believe the social network concept is destined to be an open network across the internet, not confined to one closed Facebook-like network as Twitter is open across the internet.


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