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A New Online Business Venture

15 July 2009 2 Comments

Well, after a few weeks of heavy lifting, we have launched the beta version of a new online business venture that we are building.  YourBelly.com is an online database of restaurant and menu information for individuals with dietary needs.I have definitely been slacking somewhat on the blog content on this blog because I’ve been busy writing code, working on the design, and doing some hardcore data entry.  It will be interesting to see the new website grow and tweak our business strategy as we go.  Of course, I will be detailing our progress on this site especially the business side of the experiment.

A Quick Intro To YourBelly.com

The site was the answer to a simple and common problem.  Simply put, it’s tough for individuals with dietary needs like celiac disease (gluten free) to find restaurants to eat at in their area.  Don’t the big restaurant sites such as UrbanSpoon have gluten free recommendations?  Well, yes they do.  The difference is that the big restaurant sites rarely have menu data.  In order to read menu data you have to sift through the actual restaurant’s web site that you may be considering visiting.  Our site allows users to browse restaurants and actual menu items fast and easy.

Go ahead and visit the site especially if you might be looking for gluten free restaurants or gluten free menu items nearby!  I will keep you updated on our progress with data, traffic and monetizing the site.


  • James S said:

    yelp.com: there API= more interactive
    teensturninggreen.com: advertising possibilities

    might be some good partners in the near future.

    I wonder what cms you used to make your site? I want to make one soon and need one.

    That is a difficult industry youre going against (Urbanspoon comes to mind).

    Good luck with this.

  • Kevin said:


    I didn’t use a CMS. I built it custom with Ruby on Rails framework.

    Thanks for the input.

    Keep me posted on your business ventures.