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Wriston’s Law and America

14 August 2009 3 Comments

One of my favorite writers over at Forbes is Rich Karlgaard.  He has a great article on Wriston’s Law, what it is and how it has affected economic growth in America and elsewhere.  He explains what the law is:

Wriston said capital (meaning both money and ideas), when freed to travel at the speed of light, “will go where it is wanted, stay where it is well-treated.”

By applying Wriston’s Law of capital and talent flow, you can predict the fortunes of companies (and countries). All predictions about future performance must start with this most basic question: Do companies (and countries) attract money and talent, or repel it?

He also explains that America in the past has definitely benefited from Wriston’s Law because America always attracted talent and capital.  A chilling example of the atom bomb is discussed.

I encourage you to read the entire article by clicking here.